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Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Gardens, monuments, buildings, and streets are, in many cases, veritable masterpieces… Walking down the streets of Florence is like walking through the halls of a big open air museum

But, even if the outdoors have so much to offer, don’t forget that Florence is home to some of the most important ‘indoor museums’ in the world! The Uffizi museum, for example, is famous all around the globe (the ‘Primavera del Botticelli’ alone is worth a visit to the city), the Galleria dell’Accademia, has a wonderful gallery of statues (among them the Michelangelo’s world-celebrated David!), and there are many, many more!

Florence cultural life, however, is not only “Past or Renaissance-oriented!” Artists from all corners of the planet choose Florence for their contemporary art exhibitions. In this section, you can find a complete list of the official places to see very interesting modern art.

florence culture




So lazy that the thought of a guided tour of the city makes you sweat? Explore the historical landmarks in Florence, Italy, at your own peace with’s descriptions of Florence landmarks, locations of the most important Florence buildings and of the most incredible Firenze monuments in town.

We have chosen the best Florence landmarks historic sites to wander around since the Florence Italy landmarks are situated within walking distance one from each other. If you are wondering which of the Florence buildings is the oldest building in Florence is not Palazzo Vecchio called “The Old Palace”, but the Torre della Pagliazza situated in Piazza Elisabetta, in one of the most ancient parts of the city.

The cathedral complex is one of the most important Florence historical sites that are part of the UNESCO world heritage Site and are one of the most important sites to see in Florence, Italy. The dome of the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is one of the two famous landmarks in Italy structurally completed and designed by Brunelleschi. has selected all the most Italian monuments list for you not only the Florence monuments! We have studied the history of all the most important italian buildings and monuments and did a list of the must see list of the most important buildings in Italy. It is so hard to find out which is the oldest building in Italy still in use? Is the Pantheon in Rome one of the historical monuments in Italy built as a temple from Adriano in 117dC and never has been abandoned and one of the most  famous buildings in Italy.

In this section we focus at the most famous buildings in Florence, Italy, and all the most interesting museums to visit.

Enjoy the a “live Renaissance performance of the Florence, Italy buildings” by visiting the most famous landmarks in Florence with! We suggest to buy the tickets in advance on the official sites of each monument of Florence so you can avoid to lose your time queuing.

The cathedral complex: Ticket inclusive 18€





Florence has an extremely rich Renaissance heritage and is unique in terms of artistic tradition. In fact, the entire city is practically an outdoor museum. According to UNESCO, 60% of the world’s most important works of art are in Italy, and around half of these are in Florence!


Exhibitions & Fairs



Fashion, dance, theater, handmade crafts, art, opera and history. At any time of year, there’s always a spectacle to be seen in Florence. Here’s our introduction to some of the biggest expositions and festivals in the city.





Francesca Papi, of “Fantastic Florence”, has organized several beautifully unique and fun tours to offer you in collaboration with studentsVille!continue

10 Things



Music Festivals, folklore events, Vespa rides, spas, Dolce Vita, gelato, museums, wineries, beaches and mountains. 10 things that you – definitely! – can’t miss in Florence and in Tuscany.continue

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