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"I've gained a few pounds around the middle. The only lower-body garments I own that still fit me comfortably are towels."
Dave Barry

If you are staying in Florence but you don’t want to put your training aside, Studentsville has selected the best gyms in Florence, Italy from which some offer also the option of day passes. Even if you are picky about gyms and workouts, here you will find the best solutions for you and your healthy lifestyle.

gyms in florence italy

In this section you will find the best choice for you form the list of the excellent gyms in Florence Italy, equipped with modern machines and you can select the perfect workout programs for your needs. Studentsville has been searching for the best gyms in Florence Italy, for you, so you can enjoy to the fullest while you are in vacation and we came across with the list below.

For example at the Florence Fitness gym you can find all inclusive memberships and in the city center you can find the really nice well equipped Ricciardi fitness center. The palestra Ricciardi Firenze, is one of the biggest gyms of the center of Florence and the palestra ricciardi prices are very cost effective.

An exclusive and very well equipped gym is the Klab gym Florence center situated. This is one of the most exclusive and best Florence fitness center located gyms. The Klab gym Florence has three Florence fitness center situated in three strategic positions that offer a unique experience in the world of fitness Florence wellness and social life. Here you can focus on your health at the gym, at the fitness Firenze center, or at the Klab-Marignolle and Klab-Conti, where you can also find gyms, pools, relaxing zones and beauty facilities all forming part of the  Klab Florence wellness centers.

But if you prefer different sports in Florence, you can find a lot of boxing club Firenze  situated all around the city. Florence is also a very gay friendly city, here you can also find a gay sauna Florence, Italy located in the center of Florence in Via Guelfa 93/r called Florence Baths.

We have selected a variety of options for those who live both into and out of the center, you can find some Florence working mens club if you decide to make working out a priority. If you want a different timeout Florence gyms and you want to try something different you can visit the Savasana Firenze fight club. Here you can find all kind of courses, from boxing to MMA, Capoeira and self defense courses.

Evolution Fitness Club

Address: Via Giambattista Lulli, 62/A, 50144 Firenze FI
Telephone: (+39) 055 364571

Opening hours:
Monday through Friday: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM 
Saturdays and Sundays: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Looking for a gym in Florence where you can start taking good care of yourself? What goals do you want to achieve? There are many ways to experience fitness. At the Evolution Fitness Club in Florence, you can choose what fits your needs: from training in the weight room to holistic, freestyle, and spinning classes, to the thrilling, innovative Les Mills™ courses and CrossFit™ Iris box. You can select monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions for all programs: there are no limited time slots, and membership includes free access to the Thermarium. Evolution, now is the time for change.

Evolution means enjoying a 500 m² entirely renovated weight room, 100 hours of classes per week, the assistance of highly qualified trainers, a Thermarium with a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, free parking and an indoor bar.

Evolution offers schedules suitable for all fitness levels, from marathon runners to couch potatoes, and from bodybuilders to serial zappers!

Evo Cycling classes allow you to discover your inner cyclist as you pedal off with your team, led by your coach and driven by exciting music, and find yourself in a thrilling route made of hills, plains, mountains, sprints and interval training. Our Yoga course boosts your psychophysical wellbeing by teaching you concentration and control techniques; our Pilates course tones your deep abdominal muscles, and improves your posture by restoring flexibility to your spine; looking to combine fitness and fun? Step and Total Body are the classes you need!

Evo Circuit, on the other hand, is perfect for those who seek a novel experience enhanced by the most advanced functional training techniques!

Old but gold? Gentle Gymnastics, Postural Gymnastics and Pancafit restore your muscular and articular balance, improving your coordination and releasing accumulated tension.

Olympus Club

Address: Via di Ripoli 88
Telephone: (+39) 055689618
Opening Hours: NON-STOP from 6.00 AM to 11.30 PM

Boasting over thirty years of experience in the field of fitness and wellness, Olympus features a spacious gym with ample training areas, comfortable locker rooms, a cafeteria where members can enjoy healthy, refreshing breaks, a beach volley court, a beauty center, 12,000 square-meter private parking area, and an indoor pool dedicated to water aerobics, hydro biking, whirlpool, and swimming. 
All facilities are devoted to the individual, devised and set up to help attendees find the right motivation, construe balance, and feel good. Feeling good and looking good.
Olympus club is one of the largest gyms in Florence and provides a wide range of diverse services:
- A Heavy Duty area dedicated to those who fancy high-intensity training. The area offers the recently enhanced “Pure Strength” Technogym equipment, including benches, barbells and free weights.
- Six training rooms, with a schedule of 200+ hours of classes per week.
- A spacious fitness area equipped with leading-edge Technogym "Artis" machines, and workout management via the "mywellness" App.
- An indoor functional training room equipped with kettlebells, weighted balls, tightrope, barbells, a Skillmill, a rowing machine, a SkiErg, and TRX.
- An outdoor "Oasis" area, with a swimming pool and sundeck immersed in greenery. The perfect spot to unwind and relax. 
- An outdoor area dedicated to functional training and equipped with a "military" track and two Spa areas, one for ladies, one for gentlemen, adjacent and connecting with the respective dressing rooms to ensure maximum privacy. The Spa areas both comprise a sauna, steam room, emotional showers, and relaxation area. 
- Indoor courts and courses dedicated to Padel for children and adults, both beginner and advanced level.
- A synthetic grass 7/9-a-side soccer field, and a 5-a-side soccer field (covered in winter).
- A sports medicine center, providing specialized medical examinations and trauma diagnoses
- Oly-cycling, with certified instructors and Technogym bikes.

Special rates for those under 26.

Palestra Ricciardi

Gym in Florence historical center
Palestra nel Centro di Firenze
Borgo Pinti, 75 (center zone) ph. 055 247 8444

Work out in a unique gym in the center of Florence [by Lauren Riggs - California]

Gym in Florence historical center :: perfect for international students! Not only is Palestra Ricciardi the oldest gym in the center of Florence, at 1,800 square meters it is the biggest as well!

Begun by body-building champion Tullio Ricciardi 56 years ago, it is now run by his daughter Lola and an attentive staff, including professional personal trainers, available to help you attain all of your fitness goals.

Palestra Ricciardi has proved itself as a tried and true establishment to its varied clientele for over fifty years and provides all of the latest equipment and décor to satisfy modern fitness needs.

Choose from a variety of cardio machines including stair, elyptical, treadmill, rowing and bike. Feel energized during your work out by the abundance of natural lighting provided by a multitude of skylights and windows while enjoying the central Florentine garden outside. You can catch up with the news on flat screen TV or if you need some extra energy, sport drinks, snacks and coffee available.

On top of hardwood floors, two mirrored exercise rooms for scheduled classes, one spinning room, several rooms for both machine and free weights, and dozens of cardio machines.

Palestra Ricciardi still adds to its unique ambience with quirky and athletic artwork. There is also a separate spinning room and rows of coded lockers available to store belongings. After a strenuous work-out one can relax in a sauna located in both the men's and women's fully equipped locker rooms.

Whether you prefer classes for a hard totalbody workout, stretching, step, pilates, yoga, hip hop, body sculpt, aerobic, zen shock, power pump, spinning, you have your pick from a packed schedule that runs all day long. You can even try capoeira, Brazilian fight dancing!

Palestra Ricciardi is open for business:
Monday through Friday 7.45 AM to 10.00 PM
Saturday from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM
Sunday from 10.00 AM to 2.30 PM

You can experience Palestra Ricciardi for yourself and work off that pasta at 75 Borgo Pinti near the Museo Archeologico in the historical Center of Florence.


Swan - Gymnastic Center
Via dei Pepi, 28 Ph. 055 24 08 02

swan logoIt is located in the heart of Florence, very close to Piazza Santa Croce.
Here it is possible to practice pilates, postural, total body, body sculpt, gag, Zumba, circuit training, HIIT and bodybuilding.
Technogym equipment.
Discount for foreign students.



Palestra Nordical
Via Mannelli 183 Ph. 055 572618
Bodybuilding, fitness, Cardio fit, Step, Aerobics, Latin American...

Fit Village
Via Caccini, 13/A (Careggi zone) ph. 055 436 0479
Personal defense, spinning center, aerobics, step, funky, body building, cardio fitness, sauna...

Body line Center
Via dello Steccuto, 5/r ph. 055 422 2629/055 436 0161
Aestetic center, solarium, sauna, massages, body building, aerobics, gymnastics. Big parking lot.

Via Orcagna, 20/a (Campo di Marte) Ph. 055 678 381/661 581
One of the best structures for fitness in Florence, equipped with swimming pools, gyms, saunas, turkish baths, a bar and restaurant... the price is obviously high.

Palestra Play Off
Via De' Cattani, 172 (Brozzi) Ph. 055 301 294
The place is very well organized; big spaces and even the possibility to play football and basketball... the only problem is the location - in the far northern suburbs of the city. But, if you have chosen to live there, this is your gym!

Figurella Centro Dimagrimento (Slimming Center)
Santa Maria Novella (Next to railway station) ph. 055 230 2720
Via Finlandia, 22 (Viale Europa) ph. 055 653 2406

Figurella is an important chain of gyms dedicated to fitness; a high standard of professionalism is assured. The main goal of the center is to help you to lose your extra weight...Summer is arriving and the sea is not far away...So, it's now or never!

Via La Farina, 50/int (Piazzale Donatello) Ph. 055 247 6363
Body building, step, aerobics, tone, callanetics, stretching, circuit training, light gym, personalized programs...

Time Out
Via del Ponte Sospeso, 6 (Ponte alla Vittoria) Ph./fax 055 714 069
Wellness, Fitness and Spinning...

Meeting Sporting Club
Via del Romito, 44 (Dalmazia-Tanucci zone) Ph. 055 486 016
Stretching, Aerobic, Step, Body building, Cardio Fitness, Thinning. If you are interested in dancing, this gym has New Style Ballet, a dance company performing classic, modern, jazz, funk, Latin-American and Flamenco...Olè! There are even classes dedicated to peace of mind through Yoga, Light Gym, Bioenergetica and Tai Chi. For those who are not satisfied by meditation but are looking for action instead: Karate, Kung Fu, Personal Defense...

Florence Baths
Via Guelfa 93/r ph. 055 216 050
Gay Turkish baths, Finnish sauna, hydromassage, massages, pool and garden.

Artemio Franchi Fitness Center (Gym of the Football Stadium)
Viale Nervi,
6 Ph. 055 572 398
Athletic preperation, Gymnastics, Kickboxing, Step and Sculp, Taekwondo, Total Body, Capoeira, Spinning, Pilates and Toning.

Viale dei Mille, 41/a Ph. 055 57 36 83.
Spinning, Aerobic, Body Building, Fitness...

Savasana Sporting Club
Via delle Porte Nuove, 23 (Porta a Prato) Ph. 055 333 230


3 Locations: Via de' Conti, 7 - 055 213514 | Via G.B. Lulli, 62/A - 055 333621 | Via del Ferrone, 5 - 055 7184300

Klab has three lovely super-gym/spa hybrids in Florence that all offer: a weight room, cardiovascular equipment, courses, personal training, sauna, hammam (Turkish bath), and hydro massage tub.

At the gorgeous location near the Duomo (Conti), additional services are: the courtyard, Kneipp hydrotherapy, massages, waxing, tanning, facial and body treatments.

At the largest location, near Porta Romana in the Oltrarno (Marignolle/Ferrone), they also offer: a spinning room, sports medicine institute, 2 indoor swimming pools, 3 outdoor swimming pools, restaurant, luxury showers, private parking, facial and body treatments, massage, waxing, tanning beds, childcare, and Carlo Bay hair diffusion salon.

The last and smallest location, near the University of Florence and Novoli (Lulli), features: a spinning room, luxury showers, cafe, and private parking.