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Italian language courses and much more in the heart of Renaissance Florence.
Highly qualified teachers, a splendid location in Florence’s old town center, a sprightly, welcoming atmosphere, and, above all, a unique approach and pioneering teaching method. 
Centro Machiavelli, the world-renowned Italian language school in Florence, has been providing students from all over the world with edifying leading-edge Italian language classes and enriching cultural experiences ever since 1978. Founded by a group of committed teachers, this one-of-a-kind school started providing carefully crafted Italian language courses, and operating as a vibrant educational hub, in the Santo Spirito neighborhood

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A wide variety of Italian language courses

Offering a remarkably diversified selection of group and private Italian language courses, alongside a striking array of classes and workshop experiences focused on Italian, and specifically Florentine arts and crafts, including jewelry design, cooking, music, and even singing, Centro Machiavelli is more than an Italian language school in Florence. It is a haven of Italian culture that fulfills every savvy foreign student’s most earnest desire: learning the language whilst gaining real insight into the local lifestyle, history, and heritage. 
Aiming to meet the needs and wishes of all kinds of students, Centro Machiavelli offers a wide range of Italian language courses, comprising year-long group study programs, ranging from beginner level to advanced and divided into semi-intensive, intensive, and super-intensive, according to the number of hours and lessons, plus private one-to-one and 2-people classes, and courses focused on the Italian language for business. All group Italian language courses accommodate a maximum of 10 students each, to ensure quick learning, personalized attention, and fruitful interactive moments. As regards individual classes, starting in January 2022 these will all have a duration of 60 minutes, enabling students to enjoy a deeply engaging and profitable learning experience.
Last, but by no means least, all Centro Machiavelli’s study programs comply with the guidelines established by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), and the language proficiency levels used correspond to the Framework scales.


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Why Choose Centro Machiavelli

Centro Machiavelli’s noteworthy credentials, including the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, 11-year-long association with TANDEM® International, and partnership in a variety of education and training projects funded by the European Commission, easily demonstrate why it is one the best Italian school in Florence.
Yet, above all, what “speaks up” for Centro Machiavelli are its students. The variety of stimulating cultural opportunities they can choose from, and the far-reaching expertise they achieve as regards both language and professional prowess, showcase the manifold virtues of the school’s distinctive approach and reveal the productiveness of its Italian language classes. Independently of the educational program chosen, each attendee is regarded as the core of the learning experience, and his or her aspirations, background, and previous schooling are always kept in mind. On the other hand, the faculty members use an ingenious teaching technique, the communicative approach, which allows for in-depth understanding of the language’s singular traits. Attending Centro Machiavelli means enjoying the privilege of partaking in rewarding Italian language classes and unrivaled cultural experiences. 

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