Puglia houses: a place where you can lead the life of Riley

19,345 square kilometers (7,469 sq mi) of glorious architectural vestiges, sun-drenched villages, and thriving ancient traditions embraced by two seas - the Ionian to the southeast and the Adriatic to the east - and with the Strait of Otranto and Gulf of Taranto lining its southern shores. Boasting Italy’s longest, and arguably most impressive, coastline, a beautiful limestone massif (the Gargano), and striking cities, Puglia is a land of plenty that offers countless and diverse attractions.

The character of Puglia: single estate olive oil, stone houses and trulli

One of the most distinctive, and somewhat surprising, traits of this region is its authenticity. Regardless of its popularity among Italian and foreign travelers, including VIPs and celebrities (many of which have chosen to buy luxury real estate in Puglia) its villages, harbors and cities have preserved a genuine atmosphere.

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What makes real estate in Puglia, southern Italy, so appealing?

The local specialties, among which Puglia’s single estate olive oils, add flavor to one’s holidays, and genuineness easily translates into allure. Many tourists wooed to the region by its turquoise waters and gorgeous Baroque come again, year after year, to spend carefree days in one of the charming trulli or stone houses for rent in Puglia.

Should you choose Puglia, Italy for your real estate investment in 2023 – 2024?

Investing in real estate in Puglia, southern Italy, currently appears to be a promising venture. Buyers will, in fact, enjoy the privilege of owning a vacation home in “one of the most beautiful places in the world”, as the world’s leading travel authorities, i.e. National Geographic, the New York Times, and Lonely Planet, recently appointed Puglia. Moreover, investors can be seemingly sure that the Puglia house they choose will be easy to rent to tourists.

Puglia: real estate and tourism flows

Facts and figures are what count, so let’s take a look at these. TheItalian Institute of Statistics recently published data showing that, in 2021, Puglia’s tourism flows surpassed most European holiday destinations. In detail: between January and September 2021, Puglia ranked 4th among Italy’s most desirable vacation spots, and, at the same time, occupancy in the whole country’s hospitality facilities increased by 22.3% compared to 2020.

Travel trends set the scene for profitable real estate investments in Puglia

What the experts say is that authenticity and a natural environment rich in manifold wonders, are what set the region apart from others. Choosing trulli houses for rent in Puglia Italy, or countryside Puglia estates appeals to families and couples seeking some time off the beaten track. Plus, a survey published by Quality Travel, makes known that Puglia is a perfect place to partake in current vacation must-dos such as hiking, biking, culinary-focused itineraries, and “glamping”.

Major tourist attractions in Puglia

What the above studies imply is that purchasing a house for sale in Puglia Italy in 2023-2024, aiming to both use it for yourself, your family, your friends, and/or rent it out, may be a smart investment. Travelers from all over the world visit the region to discover Lecce, Otranto and Bari, the UNESCO-listed Heritage Site of Castel del Monte and Alberobello, reign of the trulli dwellings. The 90-million years-old Castellana caves, picturesque alleys and Middle Age churches of Monopoli attract hundreds of visitors too. Needless to say, in Puglia, real estate in Monopoli is particularly sought-after.

Summer and wintertime favorites

Blessed by a mild pleasant climate year-round, Puglia offers swimming, sun-bathing, snorkeling, and diving opportunities that, its fans say, beat the Caribbean by far. Salento, graced by a string of exquisite golden limestone cities and towns, is the realm of beach-goers: miles and miles of powdery, unpolluted, sun-bleached beaches lined by the sweet-scented Mediterranean scrub. The Gargano promontory, with its natural reserve and beautiful villages, and the bewitching Tremiti Islands, with their mysterious coves and caves, are just as alluring.

Puglia houses fill up for the festivals

Puglia is renowned for its colorful flamboyance and heady mix of vibrant traditions, hence it comes as no surprise that it hosts countless festivals. Apulians, and visitors, start partying in January, at the Puccia dell’Ampa (the local bread baked in wood-fired ovens) festival in Lecce, and February, with Putignano’s amazing Carnival fête and the Festa della Pignata in Celenza Valfortore.

Spring and summer festas in Puglia

Easter sets in with the Fracchie parade in San Marco, in northern Puglia, on Good Friday, and continues with a celebrations throughout all towns and cities. Spring and summer are studded with reasons to make merry: Alberobello’s Sagra dei Tarallucci e Vino, the Truffle Festival in Otranto, the Cherry Festival, the Negroamaro Wine Festival and Melpignano’s dazzling Notte della Taranta, a month-long festival dedicated to local music and folk dance that takes place in 12+ cities and towns, are only a few of the most remarkable.

Puglia houses for sale: the market scenario

But how much do Puglia houses actually cost? Let’s look at the most recent data, i.e. the scenario illustrated by leading Italian real estate portal Immobiliare.it. As of March 2022, the survey reveals, the average price of houses for sale in Puglia Italy stood at €1.292, showing a decrease of 0.31% compared to March 2021. The research also offers interesting comparisons providing data referred to the past 2 years: the average price of houses for sale in Puglia Italy peaked in June 2020, at €1,303 per square meter, and was lowest in August of the same year, when it fell to €1.279.

Puglia houses for sale: prices in the different provinces

The price of real estate in Puglia, southern Italy varies remarkably depending on the province and Immobiliare.it provides the insight buyers need to choose where to buy. As of March 2022, houses for sale in the province of Bari were the most expensive, hitting €1,554 per square meter, while those in the province of Taranto (€1,019 per square meter) were the most cost-effective. As per other areas of interest, in March 2022 average prices per square meter for houses for sale in Lecce Italy stood at €1.105 per square meter, and in Candela, Puglia, Italy, real estate went for an average of €509 per square meter.

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Puglia houses for sale and the opportunities offered by the Next Generation EU funding program

The good news for prospective investors is that Puglia is bound to benefit significantly thanks to the projects funded by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (as per the provisions in the Next Generation EU program). In fact, the region is entitled to receive over 56 million euros that will be used to restore and enhance both the architectural heritage and rural landscape. Specifically, the regional councilor for Tourism Gianfranco Lopane said that these will allow “the recovery of abandoned buildings such as farmhouses, trulli, stables, mills etc. boosting our region’s overall importance and popularity”.

Do you want more information about the real estate scenario in Apulia? Read this article! Among other things, you will find a summary of the main areas of Puglia and prices per square meter compared to those of March 2021.

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