Entertainment in Florence Italy

If you visit Florence the city where art and innovation merge, you will find out that Florence is one of the best cities to go out and enjoy the night and explore the night entertainment in Florence!

If you are wondering of what to do in Florence, Italy, at night don’t worry, Florence is an incredibly safe and features a wide Florence nightlife fun locales selection.
Whether you are looking for clubs in Florence where you can dance the whole night and hit the dance floor, or bars in Florence if you want to sit and chat with friends Studentsville is here to help you out and find for you the perfect environment for your entertainment in Florence!

Entertainment in Florence

Turn up the (Italian) Radio!

Listening to the radio is perhaps one of the best ways to learn italian language and culture. These are our top six National Italian Networks: • Radio Capital • Radio DeeJay • Radio 105 • Radio Dimensione Suono • Radio RTL 102.5  Radio Montecarlo

Visit Florence Museums – Don’t Just Stand In Line

There are long queues (up to 3-4 hours in the Summer!) all year long at the main city museums in Florence (the Uffizi, the Accademia Gallery, etc.).


Wanting to relax in front of a great film at the cinema, but can’t understand a word of Italian? Don’t worry! Florence has a few movie theaters where you can watch in original language!

Florence movie theater

In Italy, films at the Florence movie theater tend to be dubbed into Italian. There are however movie theaters in Florence, Italy, English playing movies that feature Italian subtitles.

For those of you that are looking English movie theaters near me, we have listed a few of the best cinema Florence center located.

In this section you can find listed the best Florence cinema movie times playing the movies  in the original version with Italian subtitles .


Theater, Music, Dance

If you love performance arts, Florence won’t let you down. In addition to to auditoriums and centers playing national and international shows, it actually has one of the highest numbers of theaters per inhabitant in Italy!


Clubs & Discos

We’ve put together a list of our top nightlife picks in Florence. But, if you really want to have a crazy night…