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As one of the most visited cities in Italy, I am sure Rome the Eternal City, is high up on your list of places to see. Here we have put together a list of apartments in Rome short and long term rentals for you to search through.  

We have tried our best to create a list that matches all different preferences for Rome apartments for rent:

Rome, the capital of Italy, is a great cosmopolitan city, bigger than Milan. I mean, it’s a place where it’s great to get lost. The centre of Rome  is full of enchanting little jewels where you can rent an apartment. Many squares are breathtaking: Piazza Navona, built in monumental style by the Pamphili family at the behest of Pope Innocent X (Giovanni Battista Pamphili), is one of the most spectacular and characteristic urban complexes of Baroque Rome; Piazza Barberini, built in 1625 by order of Cardinal Barberini, attracts attention especially for the two amazing fountains by Bernini; Piazza di Trevi is home to the famous Trevi Fountain, an icon of Rome sublimated in “Dolce Vita” film by Federico Fellini in 1960; Campo dei Fiori is one of the most fascinating areas of Rome, with its markets during the day and with restaurants and clubs always crowded at night.

In the heart of Rome there is also a state in a state: Vatican City, city-state in the center of Rome, the home of the Roman Catholic Church. Not to be missed Vatican Museum:  artistic centre of world importance and contain artistic collections of inestimable value, the fruit of the long history of the Popes in their role as patrons and promoters of art.

Here we have also incorporated some Rome apartments for rent long term for those wanting to stay a bit longer. Looking for a great location to stay in Rome?

We have a large selection of vacation rentals near Piazza Navona, Piazza Barberini, Campo dei Fiori, Trevi Fountain

apartments in rome

We have included all types of apartments in Rome for every type of vacationer, including luxury apartments rome as well as cheap apartments for rent in Rome, Italy long term.

Our list of apartments for rent in Rome, Italy long term also includes Barocco Apartments Rome which is a space somewhere between luxury and cheap; great rooms, great location and great price. Maybe near Palazzo Barberini (with its classic and baroque vaults).

Have you decided to take a nice long vacation? Are you coming for a study abroad semester and looking for a place to stay?  If either of these scenarios sounds like yours, then we have apartments for rent in Rome, Italy long term just for you! You will certainly have no trouble finding one of our student apartments for rent in Rome, Italy long term for you and your friends to share or perhaps one of our holiday apartments in Rome, Italy for you and your family. Flying to Rome is simple: you can land at Rome Ciampino Airport

Staying a shorter period of time? We have those options, too! Check out our apartments, including Barocco apartments Rome,  in Rome for holiday rental. You might even find some amazing holiday apartments rome with balcony! No matter what you may be looking for, StudentsVille has provided you with an extensive list of apartments for rent in Rome, Italy. Happy hunting!


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