Studying in Turin: from medicine to architecture

Studying in Turin
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What is it like to study in Turin?

So you want to study in Italy but you’re overwhelmed by the numerous beautiful cities and programs to choose from? Because of its reputation for having some of the best universities in Italy, we highly suggest studying abroad in Turin, Italy.

To study abroad in Turin is to experience the best that Italy has to offer. Not only is it culturally rich, but it is business oriented as well, giving you the best of both worlds while studying abroad.

The fields from which you can choose from the Turin University are plentiful, so why not study in Turin?

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Why Study in Turin

For starters, you can study in Turin, Italy for your undergraduate degree. Offering a ton of programs for those coming internationally and in English (among other languages), so you will have a lot to choose from. Italy Turin University, for example, caters to students from abroad and provides English courses in subjects such as business administration and economics, this way you can study in English in Turin, without worry.

Beyond your BA, you can get your masters in Turin. And just as they offer undergraduate courses in English, you will find masters programs in English as well.

You can study medicine in Turin at the Medical School or you can study architecture in Turin at the Polytechnic University.  See what we are getting at? The options are endless.

And, if you really want to switch things up you can study Italian in Turin! You don’t have to be a young student to come to Turin and study. It’s never too late to improve yourself and learn a new language, so why not study Italian, Turin center? During your studies in Turin you can also working, employment opportunities are not lacking. There are many Turin jobs for English speakers: for example, you can become a freelance English teacher or an English content writer specialist. 

StudentsVille has narrowed it down for you below. Take a look below at some of the best schools in Italy!


Universities in Turin

Once you know a little bit about this wonderful city, you will find yourself wanting to study abroad here immediately. Turin, once the capital of Italy, is in Northern Italy and an important center for business and culture...

Masters Programs in Turin

Turin takes pride in being home to some of the best universities in Italy, one being the University of Turin, which has been around for 615 years. Turin is a city that offers a strong concentration in business...

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