Veneto: villas, wines, star-crossed lovers, and an incredible lagoon

18,398.9 square kilometers (roughly 7,103 square miles) comprising soaring mountains, bountiful hills and valleys, access to Italy’s largest lake, Garda, and an astounding lagoon area that includes Venice, one of the most famous cities in the world.

Studying the map of Veneto

Veneto is a region that retains authenticity and character and conceals many a wonderful surprise. Just looking at a map of Veneto allows you to appreciate two of the region’s unique features. First, it includes both spectacular mountain peaks, the famous Dolomites, and a coastline made up of manicured sandy beaches. Secondly, it houses a string of diverse, splendidly groomed cities.

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Tourism and real estate in the Veneto region, Italy

The region’s wide range of attractions, art, architecture, and opportunities for outdoor bliss beckons tourists from all over the world and in all seasons. This is what makes real estate in the Veneto region in Italy an excellent investment opportunity. Its distinctiveness and variety of attractions, in fact, mean that the appeal it holds for tourists is likely to increase, rather than fade. And this, as we aim to further illustrate, is not going unnoticed by those looking for profitable Veneto real estate investments.

Major tourist attractions in Veneto

With most travelers stopping in Venice, enraptured by Rialto Bridge, Saint Mark’s, and the Doge’s Palace, Veneto’s other marvelous cities might seem to be “overlooked”. Truth be told, it is but an impression: Padua, with its bewitching frescoes and vibrant university scene, Verona, with its Arena and Juliet’s haunting phantom, and Vicenza, graced by Palladio’s genius, are sought-after both for their marvels and outstanding yearly events. Unsurprisingly, there is always demand for property for sale in Verona and houses for sale in Padua, Italy.

Sports, and seasonal favorites, in Veneto

As seductive as Veneto’s towns and cities are, the region’s natural environment seasonally tends to sweep them aside. In winter, skiers flock to Cortina d’Ampezzo’s fashionable hotels, charming chalets and spectacular slopes, to the amazing Marmolada, Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Pale di San Martino. In summer, families, couples and groups of friends meet up on the beaches in Bibione, Caorle, Rosolina Mare, Sottomarina, Isola Albarella, Venice Lido and Jesolo. Others, visit the eastern shore of Lake Garda, for biking, hiking, surfing and boating, And all year round, connoisseurs, critics, foodies and wine lovers travel to Valpolicella, birthplace of Amarone, and Conegliano, home to exquisite Prosecco.

Tourism in Venice is an incessant and rewarding tide

As intriguing as Veneto’s other famous sites are, Venice still beats them all as regards both tourist flows and real estate interest. The data published by the Regional Tourism Observation Center shows 278.000+ travelers in the lagoon city between January and March 2021, against circa 248.000 in Verona and 244.000+ in the Dolomites. Yet la Serenissima has recently broken another record, a worldwide one.

Worldwide research reveals that the most desirable properties for sale are in Venice, Italy

As reported by Italy’s leading financial paper, Il Sole 24 Ore, according to Compare The Market’s annual “Top 10 places to purchase a second home around the World” survey, Venice is the most popular destination for second homes. Paphos, in Cyprus, Abu Dhabi and Dubai follow. Do people buy homes only to turn them into long term rental properties in Venice Italy? Not necessarily. The article, in fact, also reveals that many buyers select Venice Italy for their real estate investment to enjoy it personally.

Why Venice, Italy, is real estate heaven

In fact, the main factors taken into account for this study are attractions, entertainment options, and safety. Again, Venice beats all, the figures say: 359 cultural attractions and 2.628 every 10 thousand inhabitants. Not at all bad for a city built on water!

Buy property in Venice Italy in 2023-2024 and benefit from rentals forever

Rental opportunities are likely to be the aspect that most convinces both Italian and foreign investors to buy property in Venice Italy. In fact, all buyers are well aware that if you should choose not to visit the lagoon city for a while, the thriving tourist market will unflaggingly deliver demand for both short and long term rental properties in Venice Italy. Aside from making a profitable investment, owning real estate in Venice allows one to provide one’s family with a truly incredible asset.

Two unparalleled events that make property for sale in Verona Italy a great opportunity

Countless Italians and foreigners are drawn to Verona every year during spring and summer. This elegant city, in fact, hosts two unique and unrivaled events, In April Vinitaly, the world’s most important and grandiose wine trade fair, welcomes an average of 4,500+ exhibitors from over 30 countries, and circa 125,000 visitors from 145 nations. Needless to say, many wine industry entrepreneurs prefer seeking property to rent in Verona Italy, rather than staying in hotels. Hence, the local rental market is always lively.

Homes for sale in Verona Italy are resonant with operatic magnificence

From mid-June to mid-August music, opera specifically, plays the leading role: Verona’s ancient Roman amphitheater, the fabled Arena, houses the largest and most visited lyrical season of the world. Again, the festival’s popularity and the number of operators – artists, directors, scenographers etc. – it brings into town make for certain profits for someone who buys a home for sale in Verona, Italy, and rents it out.

Houses for sale in Padua, Italy, and access to higher education

Houses for sale in Padua, Italy are another interesting investment opportunity. Several prospective investors that look into real estate in the Veneto region Italy realize how the region’s vibrant, and influential, university scenario can be lucrative. This is especially true for houses for sale in Padua (Padova) Italy, a city that hosts one of Europe’s most important universities, attended by hundreds of foreign and Italian students, researchers and professors. Purchasing a house for sale in Padua, Italy, offers access to both the local rental market and higher education for a buyer’s family.

Real estate prices in Veneto region, Italy

But how much do houses for sale in Padua and Verona actually cost? Will 2023-2024 be the right time to browse the Venice Italy real estate market and look for a good investment? That’s what prospective buyers want to know, and the best way to gain straight-to-the-point no-nonsense is by looking at the figures.

Verona, Padua and Venice Italy real estate market: the current scenario

Let’s look at the current prices for property for sale in Venice Italy, and other cities of Veneto. The latest data published by Italy’s leading real estate portal gives clear info, and prices updated at March 2022. The average cost per square meter for residential property in Venice stood at €2.864, showing a decrease of 3.01% compared to March 2021, when it was €2.953 per square meter. Houses for sale in Padua, Italy, went for an average of €1.578 per square meter, and homes for sale in Verona of €1.876.

Buying property in Venice Italy in 2023-2024 may be your best move ever

The highest price per square meter, on average, recorded over the last two years for residential dwellings in Venice was in March 2020, €3.153. Rental fees, on the other hand, are on the rise: as of March 2022 the average price for short and long term rental properties in Venice Italy stood at €12.43 per square meter, that is to say 4.45% more than in March 2021. What this means is that investing in a house in Venice today may very well be a brilliant decision.

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The Next Generation EU program and real estate in the Veneto region Italy

An important issue that prospective buyers will want to keep in mind when deciding whether to buy property in Venice Italy, or elsewhere in Veneto, is that many provinces will be benefited by the projects funded by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, as provided for by the Next Generation EU program. Specifically, in Veneto, the interventions will be aimed at public healthcare enhancement, development of green urban areas, fighting Venice’s hydrogeological instability and implementing the existing projects for “Venice world capital of sustainability”.

Deciding to buy a house in Italy is not easy. If you want to gather more information about the real estate market in Veneto, Italy, check out this in-depth article. You will find a map of Veneto and a summary of the real estate situation divided by area.


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