Living in Sassari

Living in Sassari
The Island Pearl

How is living in Sassari?

Sassari what to see is what you’re probably looking for now that you’ve decided to find an apartment on our website. Sassari is one of those hidden gems in Italy, you usually wouldn’t hear about it unless you’re a real fan of the country, as it is sometimes shadowed by the other big cities on the mainland. But that doesn’t mean that if you visit Sassari you’ll be left wanting.

Culture in Sassari: Monuments, Museums, Tours, Exhibitions and Fairs

We’re going to make sure we give you a detailed Sassari Travel Guide, for those moments where you’re looking for Sassari what to see and give you the best things to see in Sassari.

Eating Out in Sassari

Now that you’ve settled in and have all your things ready for your new semester in Sassari, it’s time to find your new favorite food joint. You can find the best Sassari restaurants here on our page.

Entertainment: Cinemas, Theater, Clubs and Discos

You can’t just study every day at every hour, you’re in a foreign country, and what else can you do if not join in the local crowd in some night time shenanigans. May it be going to the movies, having a drink, or even enjoying a nice show at the theatre. We want to make sure you find all the answers to your what to do in Sassari question.

Sassari Events

There are many things to do, StudentsVille Staff has selected all the best events in Sassari.

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