Houses for sale in Italy

Farmhouses and mansions, cool city apartments and ancient dwellings in tiny villages... there are so many dazzling properties for sale in Italy that one is spoiled for choice! 

Identifying the right property is a weighty step, especially if one plans to invest in a foreign country. There are a variety of aspects to keep in mind, and the countless options make for a bewildering array of alternatives. 

In addition to evaluating location and features, one will need to ascertain whether the property requires renovating and if it complies with rules as maintained by Italian law from a technical and legal point of view. 

Buying property in Italy also implies a lot of paperwork, and can end up being quite demanding for a foreigner, unaccustomed to local bureaucracy.

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Having dependable English-speaking professional assistance on site is an indispensable prerequisite to locating the perfect property and closing a favorable deal.

Insight, knowledge of the Italian real estate market’s peculiarities and reliable local contacts are essential factors in finding one’s Italian dream property.

Once one has pinpointed the ideal real estate asset, there are surveys to be arranged, legal and technical due diligence reports to be completed, negotiations to carry out and contracts and deeds to be drafted. 

Also, the foreign purchaser in question needs to be fully aware of what is going on, hence he/she cannot be hindered by the language barrier.

Aiming to our clients’ success, we share our insight on the local market and network of contacts, inspect documents and provide translations, carry out technical site visits and legal surveys, provide evaluation of the property, draw up contracts quickly and efficiently and always deliver seamless deals.


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Property purchase and sales in Italy: our services

Our team of proficient real estate agents, fiscal experts, lawyers specialized in property law, engineers, architects and surveyors helps foreign investors buy, and sell, real estate in Italy, by facilitating and expediting proceedings. Fluent in English and other languages, and specialized in high-tech solutions, we easily and speedily communicate with clients worldwide, offering undivided leading-edge assistance.

houses for sale in Italy




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