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Looking for a room to rent in Northern Italy, but still want the water nearby? Then Genoa is the place to look. Genoa is a busy port city with one of the best Universities of its area, offering a number of majors and classes to those looking to study abroad. For this reason, there are many Genoa apartments for rent.

Really get to know Europe’s largest historical center by considering one of our long term rentals in Genoa, Italy.

Genoa apartments for rent with StudentsVilleApartments in Genoa Italy for rent

Take some day trips to Portofino and Cinque Terre and enjoy the surrounding cities in the lovely Liguria region of Italy. There are a number of Genoa hotels near airport, Genoa hotels near cruise terminal, Genoa hotels near cruise port, affordable apartments in Genoa, Italy for rent and we are here to show you the ones that we have selected. Find the best Genoa accommodation near port, the most beautiful Genoa accommodation near train station.  

Please browse through our Genoa apartments and let us know if we can help in anyway.

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To know more about Genoa, read and download Studentsville’s Genoa tourist guide pdf (here).

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Frequently asked question about Apartments in Genoa

Which apartments in Genoa are good for couples?

Genoa, with its picturesque views, is the perfect city to spend a romantic stay with your sweetheart. The most romantic places to rent an apartment are the Porto Antico area, the Caruggi, Sant’Ilario, the seafront of Corso Italia. You will surely find a studio or two-room apartment suitable for your needs.

How much does it cost to stay at an apartment in Genoa?

The costs of apartments for rent in the historic centre of Genoa (near the university, the metro and Porto Antico) are obviously more expensive than those in the suburbs but prices are generally not high: you can rent a room for 300 euros, a 60 square meter apartment can cost about 550 euros, and a three-room apartment can cost under 1,000 euros.

Which apartments in Genoa offer great breakfasts?

Family-run apartments usually offer the best breakfasts. The owners, usually locals, know the best places to drink the best coffee or eat great croissants. Genoa is no exception.

How much is an apartment in Genoa for this weekend?

The average price per two nights for an apartment in Genoa for this weekend is € 90.

Which apartments in Genoa are good for families?

Yeah, as we already said, students and workers prefer to rent an accommodation in the historic centre of Genoa. But, wait a minute, where is the best area for families? Albaro, that’s for sure. It is one of the residential areas of Genoa. Here houses cost less than those in the historic centre. So, a two or three-room apartment is the best type of accommodation to rent for a family in Genoa.

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