Eating out in Florence

Let’s talk masterpieces. No! Not the paintings of Leonardo, the sculptures of Michelangelo, and the works of Brunelleschi – Italian cuisine masterpieces and eating out in Florence!

We know your interest in Florentine food competes with your love of Florentine art….and we understand the importance of eating in the Reinassance City.


Food to eat in Florence

The pleasure of eating an excellent pizza can, without a doubt, rival the intellectual satisfaction of visiting the Uffizi; drinking a good Chianti can bring you the same joy as looking at beautiful Leonardo da Vinci painting; the famous “bistecca alla fiorentina” can surely compete with all the sculptures of Michelangelo; and laying eyes on real, Italian “tiramisù” can give you just as much internal happiness as a view across Tuscany.

In Florence, you can eat like Dante. But to do so, you MUST get off the beaten tourist track!

We’ll show you where the real Florentines dine: The cost of eating out in Florence varies from trattoria’s with incredible quality at a fair price, to expensive Florence restaurants called  “ristoranti” for the absolute best in the city. (Once in your life, you should indulge in this experience to go and eat at one of the restaurants in Florence, Italy!)

Studentsville staff has selected for you all the best places to eat in Florence Italy, considering your budget. in this section you can find all the great restaurants in Florence so you can enjoy the Florence food, and all the cheap and good places for eating out in Florence.

Chosen the best restaurants in Florence Italy and Buon Appetito from the StudentsVille staff!

Cafès in Florence

A little bit of an explanation is needed regarding Bars and Cafes in Florence, Italy:

If you want a cappuccino, orange juice or cioccolata calda (hot chocolate) then head for a ‘Bar’ (strange but true!).


Restaurants in Florence

There are hundreds of restaurants in Firenze city center located and the quality is excellent almost everywhere!

On this page, we’ve selected some of the restaurants Firenze we prefer in town, not only for the quality of food and wine, but also for price, location and atmosphere of some of the great restaurants in Florence Italy.

You can enjoy your lunch or dinner in the heart of Florence in the picturesque Piazza San Marco with the traditional flavors typical of the tuscan cuisine at the accademia restaurant Florence or if you prefer to taste the flavours of Tuscany while enjoying the view from the panoramic terraces of Fiesole do not hesitate to have a look at La Reggia degli Etruschi menu.

If you are a lover of mediaeval and renaissance recipes you can not miss the historical La Pentola dell’oro Firenze, restaurant!


Pizzerie in Florence

Even if the pizza in Florence is not as good as in Naples, we have selected the best places where you can eat very well and where your pizza in Florence, at least for the moment, only Florentines go. If you really like pizza you have to visit these ‘temples!’

You can not miss the typical Neapolitan pizzeria restaurant and have a look at Il Pizzaiuolo Florence menu where you will feel like being in Naples and taste one of the best pizza in Florence!

In the city centre you can find some of the best pizza restaurants in Florence Italy where you can eat not only pizza but also pasta and meat you can go at Santa Lucia pizzeria Firenze that is situated just outside from the historical city center of Florence or if you want to be nearby the characteristic district of S.Niccolò you can go at the pizzeria I Tarocchi Firenze where you can find delicious italian cuisine recipes!

If you are in a hurry or you want home delivery if you want to see a film and relax at your place you can easily do that also through app from the Runner pizza Firenze or the other one is Taxi Pizza Firenze


Fast Food in Florence

Florence is rich of typical Florence fast food restaurants where you can eat delicious Florence typical food like lampredotto & trippa panini (cow stomach sandwiches! – they’re good – trust us they are things to eat in Florence!) and even excellent ‘Pizza al taglio’ (pizza by the slice).

You can recognize the ‘trippai’ (cow stomach sandwich vendors) by the white/blue color of their small motortrucks parked in various parts of town where they cook typical food to eat in Florence.

Try the one in Piazza Sant’Ambrogio or on Via Sant’Antonino, and you’ll forget that McDonald’s exists in Florence.

The former sells from the typical ‘Ape Van’ of real Florence fast food tradition. Don’t be scared! Ask for: trippa or lampredotto typical food to eat in Florence!

But if you are a deeply addicted to American Fast food, don’t worry, we’ve even listed the addresses of all the places to eat in Florence of the city McDonald’s. But are you really sure you want to waste your precious Euros on American hamburgers when you’re in Italy???