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Rome is a city full of adventure and beauty that you won’t ever get enough of during your time abroad. When looking for a student accommodation Rome city center located or a rooms in Rome for rent, the locations in which to stay are endless. No matter where you are, you will get a glimpse into the Italian lifestyle and the Eternal City’s magnificent vibes.

While looking for Rome apartments for rent, student friendly in the capital city of Italy, it’s amazing to think that you’ll be walking the same streets as the ancient Romans, the Popes that were and will be, the American soldiers that sent out the fascists, the greatest artists and obviously the thousands of tourists that keep the city alive.

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StudentsVille has a large selection of student apartments Rome that are centrally located. In addition, there are student housing apartments, student rooms for rent in Rome, student housing in Rome, Erasmus apartments Rome, Erasmus Rooms Rome, apartments for rent near Sapienza University Rome, cheap apartments, studio apartments, hostels, Rome loft apartments, cheap rooms to rent & bed and breakfasts to choose from.

Your needs and preferences differ from others, just as our apartments do. But if you are a student, you’ll probably search a Rome San Lorenzo Apartment because San Lorenzo is to all intents and purposes considered the university district of Rome. In fact, adjacent to its territory is the University of Rome “La Sapienza” which, with its 148 000 students, is the largest university in Europe.

In our Rome accommodation section you can have a look at the rooms for rent in Rome, Italy or find entire Rome apartments for rent student friendly.

Rooms for rent in Rome Italy – not centrally located

Keep in mind we also have a selection of Rome apartments for rent, student friendly, in the outskirts of Rome that will make the journey to most Erasmus and International Universities more convenient.

**If you’re not here for your studies, but instead for a little vacation, you will also find a wide selection of the best hostels in Rome for students.

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Frequently asked questions about rooms in Rome

How to find a room in Rome

Finding  a room or a bed for rent in Rome can be complicated, but Studentsville is here to help you. Whether you’re looking for a single room a stone’s throw from one of the many attractions in the center of Rome or a studio apartment for rent in a quiet residential neighborhood, there are many options available to you. Prices vary according to the neighborhood and all you have to do is evaluate them according to your needs. Read StudentsVille’s advice.

How do I find accommodation in Rome?

If you are looking for a single room for rent in Rome, a double room or an entire apartment, start now and create an account at Apartments Studentsville: you can browse the offers on the site, save your favorite ones to read them later, send a message to the hosts and book the accommodation.

Where can I find cheap accommodation in Rome?

Rome is certainly not among the cheapest cities in Italy in terms of accommodations prices, both for sale and for rent. Anyway, it is possible to find some convenient ones, even without moving too much from the center of the city, which is obviously the most expensive area, whereas the cheapest place is usually South of Rome. For example, you can find cheap accommodations in Monteverde (center), Castelverde (north-east), Tuscolano (south-east), Casalotti (west) districts.

Accommodations in Rome for students: how to find?

Finding a student accommodation in Rome may seem an impossible task, but don’t worry, you can do it! Rome is a big city, so it’s better not to stay in a neighborhood far from the university you attend. So, first of all, look for an apartment near a metro stop, so you can move around freely and quickly.  Then you have to choose the type of accommodation that best suits your needs. Are you shy? The best choice is to rent a studio apartment. If, instead, you want to meet new people, share an apartment with other students. It is much cheaper, of course. Go to Apartments Studentsville (our web portal for finding and booking accommodation) and register on the site:

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For more information about a single apartment or room in Rome, you can directly chat with the hosts and learn more about each of them.

Our apartments in Rome

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San Lorenzo Apartment

Two bedroom student apartment situated on the third floor with a lift in the university district par excellence, the nightlife in this district is very lively.
San Lorenzo apartment consists of two spacious bedrooms and an open space living room with a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, oven, microwave, toaster and kettle. There are also two bathrooms one of which with a shower and a washing machine and the other with a bathtub. Inside the apartment you will find all that you will need for a comfortable stay such as Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, bed linen and towels and kitchenware.
This student rental is very close to the University of Sapienza and is surrounded by bars, pubs, restaurants, libraries and all that you can possibly need during your studies in Rome.

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Tuscolano Apartment

Student rental accommodation situated on the first floor of a modern building in Via Alba in the student district of Rome called Tuscolano, close to the University of Tor Vergata.
This student apartment is composed by one double bedroom and one spacious single bedroom with a small balcony. There is also an eat-in kitchen and a separate comfortable living room with two sofas one of with a double sofa bed and a flat TV. Inside the apartment you will find all that you will need during your studies in Rome, bedlinen and towels, kitchenware, Wi-Fi and air-conditioning in the bedrooms.
It is situated very close to the most important universities of Rome, and the prices of the rent are really competitive with the other district of the city.

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Garbatella Apartment

Student rental accommodation situated in Via di Villa Belardi nearby the Università degli Studi Internazionali UNINT, Libera Università del Cinema and Università degli studi Roma Tre. This district is one of the best residential areas of Rome.
This student rental is situated on the second floor without a lift. There are three spacious and comfortable bedrooms, one living room with a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and microwave. Inside the apartment you will find bed linen and towels.
The district where this student apartment is located is very typical and very picturesque, well connected with the rest of the city and with a lively and active nightlife.

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Tiburtino Apartment

Student accommodation situated in Via dei Corsi in the district of Tiburtino in the city of Rome. Tiburtino student rental consists of three bedrooms, two double bedrooms and one spacious single bedroom.
This student rental features a living room with a fully equipped kitchen, a perfect space for your student social life! You will be provided with bed linen and towels.
Tiburtino student apartment is located in the district perfect for who loves the quiet life of the residential area. Nearby the apartment you will find also the Triburtina station, the second most important railway station of Rome. The area where the apartment is situated is perfect for students due the proximity both to San Lorenzo (Sapienza) and the north-east branch of the Metro B.

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Rimini Apartment

Two bedroom apartment located in Via Rimini in the district of San Giovanni in the city of Rome. The apartment is situated nearby the Università E-campus, LINFA university.
Rimini student rental is composed by two spacious single bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms with shower, an open space with a living room with a double bed sofa, a flat screen TV and a fully equipped kitchen, with a dishwasher, oven and microwave.
This is the best area from where you can reach the Tor Vergata University and it is well connected to the commercial area of the Appia Nuova and the Metro A.

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Marconi Apartment

Student studio flat situated in Via Meucci in the district of Marconi in the city of Rome. This student rental is located on the first floor of an elegant building without a lift.It is composed by an open space living room with a double bed sofa and a well-equipped kitchenette with microwave. This is the perfect choice for short and for long term accommodations in Rome for students.

Marconi student accommodation is surrounded by supermarkets, shops, and near one of the most important universities of Rome, The Roma Tre University.

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Sacro Apartment

Beautiful student accommodation situated in the district of Monte Sacro. On the second floor of an elegant building with a lift. Surrounded by most of the academies and universities of the city.
This student apartment is consists of two double bedrooms, one bathroom with shower and a washing machine, one spacious and comfortable living room with a double sofa bed and an eat-in kitchen with all the appliances and utilities that you will need.
This rental is located in a district full of history despite not being directly in the center of Rome. The area is known as the “garden city” due to the numerous parks in the area. Despite being further away from the center, it is well served by public transport.

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Prati Apartment

Two bedroom apartment situated in the district of Rome called Prati. This district includes the areas of San Pietro, Castel Sant’Angelo and Monte Mario, which is the preferred district by foreign students in Rome.
Composed of two double bedrooms, a living room with a double sofa bed and a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, oven and microwave. There are two bathrooms one with shower, washer & dryer and the other with a bathtub.
This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a quiet neighborhood nearby the historical center of Rome; especially for the students that attend the university of Lumsa or a Pontifical university.

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Studio Apartment

Studio situated in the center of Rome in Via Cola di Rienzo, in the district of Prati. It is located on the second floor of an elegant building with a lift.
Composed of one double spacious bedroom and a living room with a double sofa bed with a flat screen TV and a well-equipped kitchenette. You will be provided with bed linen, towels and wi-fi connection. Air-conditioning is in all the rooms of the studio.
This district is a quiet and nice neighborhood. This student accommodation is the ideal solution for both short and long term accommodations. You will find plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, pubs and the active nightlife of Rome.

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Bologna Apartment

Two bedroom student accommodation located in the center of Rome in Via Carlo Bartolomeno in the district of Piazza Bologna.
This student accommodation consists of two single bedrooms, each one with a private bathroom with shower. Between the two single bedrooms is an open living room. There’s also a fully equipped kitchen with a small balcony that looks out on a garden.
The Piazza Bologna district is very famous and popular among students that attend universities in Rome. Near the apartment you will find bars, pubs and restaurants. Fortunately, it is also well connected by the public means of transport. This is the perfect apartment if you attend the University La Sapienza, one of the most famous universities of Italy.

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Universities in Rome

Check our guide about Universities, Masters, English University, and Italian Language Schools in Rome: study abroad in Rome

If you need to know more about Rome, enjoy our guide about the capital of the world!


La Sapienza

One of Italy’s most renowned universities, La Sapienza, is where most of the Italian elite has studied, because of its great curriculum and its location in Rome. Founded in 1303 it is still today one of the best Universities of Italy and also Southern Europe.

Tor Vergata

Founded in 1982 after the division from La Sapienza, Tor Vergata is one of Rome’s most prestigious universities, it is located in the suburbs, south-east of the city and has a profound liberal arts program while having a great career orientation in Economics, Engineering, Sciences and Medicine.


One of Rome’s first major private universities, LUISS, is in the heart of the city, between Parioli and Trieste. Its foundation in 1974 by Umberto Agnelli of the Italian Agnelli family (Fiat/FCA) has a variety of undergraduate, post-graduate and joint degrees in finance, business, law and politics.

John Cabot

Born in 1972 as an Italian annex to Hiram College, John Cabot is in the picturesque zone of Trastevere. Its focus on liberal arts wasn’t always what it was famous for. According to records, we see that most of its first students were business majors. Today the university hosts a variety of courses ranging from Political Science to Communications.

American University of Rome

Founded in 1969, the American University of Rome (AUR), is Rome’s oldest American university. Born from the idea of David Colin, American journalist living in the eternal city during the war, it became a staple for cross cultural exchange between American and Italian intellectuals.

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