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Florence has an amazing variety of opportunities for foreign students to study in Florence! It’s one of the most important cities in Italy

For: Italian and International Universities, Masters/Postgraduate courses, Colleges, Fashion, Arts & Crafts, Cooking and Language Schools. In fact, there are more than 80 Institutes in town to study in Florence!

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study in florence


Students from all around the world study in Florence. Anyone who has dreamed of living in Medieval or Renaissance times should choose the city for its winding streets, museums, monuments, and most of all: its magical, ancient ambience and of course Florence study experience.

If you’re coming to attend a school in Florence, why not learn Italian? Not only will your linguistic charm skyrocket, but you’ll be able to dive head first into Italian culture and society or even enroll in the University of Florence, Italy

Find all the information you need for your student life in the modern-day Renaissance below!

for: Italian and International Universities, Masters/Postgraduate courses, Colleges, Fashion, Arts & Crafts, Cooking and Language Schools. In fact, there are more than 80 Institutes in town!

If you’re coming to Florence, why not learn Italian? Not only will your linguistic charm skyrocket, but you’ll be able to dive head first into Italian culture and society.

Study Abroad in Florence: all that you need you know


If you are preparing to come to study abroad in Florence, you may be interested to know all the documents required. Among the documents needed to move to Italy, there is the Codice Fiscale. Find out why you need the Fiscal Code in Italy.

Get your Fiscal Code

Find all the information you need for your student life in the modern-day Renaissance below!


Fashion is continuously drawing upon emerging talent and renewing its creative energy.

The Polimoda International Institute of Design and Marketing offers anyone interested in entering the world of fashion the possibility to do so through high-quality, professional training in tune with the needs of the business.

Polimoda is a highly specialized fashion and design school located in Florence, Italy.

This school maintains close ties and continuous collaboration with the fashion industry to provide students with the knowledge they need to enter the current, international style scene…

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Student Info

A guide you toward student/tourist information officewhere you can find events, services and discounts to enjoy in your free time! And the perks of being enrolled at the University of Florence – free sports activities!


Universities in Florence

Florence has one of the most important university systems in Italy. Students have been coming here from around the world for centuries. The city has almost every kind of University, from humanistic to scientific, and studentsVille has neatly divided them into “Italian” and “Foreign” for easy reference.

Colleges in Florence

A list of American colleges in Florence. Programs are usually focused on Florentine Arts and Renaissance Culture.



Schools in Florence

Florence is the right place to study. You’ll find the right for you from all the Florence, Italy schools, whatever your interests are. The secular school tradition of the Florence, Italy schools is now enriched with new teaching methods.

The Florence, Italy schools are usually located in the center of the city and this can allow you to discover all the secrets of the city and enjoy the dolce vita of the italian life!

Whatever your interests are you can either choose the Giglio cooking school in Florence, Italy and learn from italian chefs and enrich your technical knowledge of cuisine in one of the best cooking schools in Florence, Italy.

If you are interested in an art school Florence, Italy located do not worry we have selected the best Florence, Italy art school just for you! Even if you want and prefer to attend  english language schools in Florence, Italy do not worry we are here for you to help you find the best art school in Florence, Italy!

In Florence you can also find american school Florence, Italy that is one of the best international school Florence, Italy located!

Italian language, jewelry, design, cooking school Florence Italy or culinary schools in Florence Italy, music, theater, art schools in Florence italy, photography, fashion schools in Florence Italy,…and much, much more!

Discover the secrets of Italy’s most important arts at the best schools in Florence, Italy!!

Masters in Florence

Fashion, Design, Communication, Multimedia, and more. Most post-graduate courses – like those at the Florence Design Academy or Polimoda – are organized by private schools. The education level is generally excellent.

Libraries in Florence

When exam period is creeping closer, it’s high time you stopped going to parties. Libraries are the best places to concentrate on starting to work hard as a student again.


Bookshops in Florence

Want to find the latest American bestseller? Dying to read your favorite French author in original language? Searching for an Italian classic? Missing your comics heroes but know where to find them? Caught up in the romantic spirit and needing to read a good love story at least once a week? studentsVille has got you covered! 

Documents in Florence

Permesso di Soggiorno, Codice Fiscale, Iscriversi all’Anagrafe, codice by visa, health insurance…Oh my! Getting accepted into a program of study in Italy isn’t the hardest part of studying abroad experience! There’s the Italian paperwork and bureaucracy! We’re here to help explain, and ease the pain, of obtaining your study in Italy documents.

Did you apply for a study visa or receive a Lifelong Learning Programme/Erasmus grant for more than 90 days? Upon your arrival in Italy, you will need to apply for at least one of the following items to legally stay and/or for your resident permit Italy for EU citizens..

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