L’Italiano Porticando, Italian language school in Turin

Learn Italian and immerse yourself in the culture, history, and lifestyle of Italy’s city of magic

Italy holds many secrets, or rather surprises. Every so often, roaming across the boot, you might be lucky enough to discover unexpected educational opportunities in a lovely, vibrant, and sophisticated city that is still somewhat off the beaten tourist path. 

An example? The courses and classes offered by L’Italiano Porticando, an atypical language school located in the heart of beautiful Turin.

Turin, Torino in Italian, is different from all other Italian cities. Albeit less trodden on than Venice, Rome, and Florence, it’s a city filled with culture, history, and art that spans from antiquity to the contemporary era. Once the capital of the Italian kingdom, it carries its heritage magnificently, showcasing it in fine cafés and restaurants, superb landmarks, and museums unlike all others.

Elegant, magic, and redolent with the rich scents of chocolate, wine, and truffle, Turin boasts a cultural diversity that can and will amaze, and a whimsical soul and eccentric performing arts scenario that meet the younger generation’s need for stimuli. L’Italiano Porticando rises in the midst of all this, and perfectly matches its native city’s kaleidoscopic attractiveness by providing students from all over the world with beautifully tailored, brilliantly devised, and cleverly taught Italian language classes and culture-related experiences.


L’Italiano Porticando was founded back in 2005 by a trio of talented, committed teachers. At the time, it was the first school in Piedmont to specialize exclusively in Italian language courses for foreigners and present potential pupils with a wide range of special-focus classes designed to allow them to dive deep into the historical and cultural legacy of Turin and Piedmont. 


Over time, Porticando’s novel approach to language learning was polished and perfected, and today the school offers an engrossing selection of study options that make learning Italian all the more fascinating. The founders Laura Fassone and Caterina and Rosaria Costanzo, still manage the school assisted by a team of proficient, dedicated teachers, and t craft innovative, engaging, and out-of-the-ordinary classes.

The learning opportunities offered by L’Italiano Porticando include:

  • “Classic” Italian Language Courses - standard, private, small-group, evening, online and long-term courses
  • Combined language and culture courses - i.e. standard courses paired with special-focus classes on local and Piedmontese literature, art, architecture, history, Italian music, Italian cinema, and tango
  • Special topic courses - focusing on the Italian “Risorgimento”, contemporary Turin, Turin’s gourmet scene, Turin and cars
  • Business Italian courses
  • CELI and CILS exam preparation courses

Plus two particularly appealing unusual learning activities targeted to those who want to practice their Italian language and perfect their skills in a different way: outside a classroom!

L’Italiano Porticando’s leading-edge Outdoor Conversation Classes and Percorsi Torinesi are designed to offer students of all ages the opportunity to hone their speaking and understanding abilities while exploring the city of Turin, discovering its piazzas and history, wandering through the Savoy residences, or visiting the city’s museums.
All L’Italiano Porticando teachers are native Italian speakers with university degrees; highly experienced in teaching Italian as a foreign language, they use the direct communicative teaching method and go the extra mile to motivate their students and support them in all phases of the learning process.

Speaking Italian only during classes, Porticando’s teachers help students gain confidence while mastering the nuts and bolts of Italian grammar and practicing their conversation and reading skills. 

Last, but by no means least, L’Italiano Porticando uses in-house crafted teaching materials that stimulate conversation and simulate real-life situations, thus enabling students to face day-by-day interaction in Italy very soon in the learning process. The carefully selected original content used in the classes includes articles, ads, stories, songs, and movies.