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We find it important to know at least a little bit about a city before you visit it and to also have useful information and recommendations regarding each city while you are visiting them.

We know the advice and material that we like to have when traveling, so we have made sure to include everything from A to Z.

Whether you are looking for fun nightlife in Italy, best restaurants in Italy, the most important sites to see or even what the weather may be like in January, you will find it all, conveniently, right here with our travel guides.

Your Guide to the Greatest Cities in Italy to Learn about and Visit 


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Study in Italy the complete guide

Italy, as you might have already realized, has many amazing places and things to see and do. So, you have chosen to study in Italy, that’s the easy part.

Now, you can choose to study abroad in Florence, Italy or study in Bologna and study physics or study interior design in Italy. You may be researching your options as we speak as to which are the best college study abroad programs in Italy or even what are the study in Italy visa requirements?

All of this can be found right here and then some. If you are looking for any information regarding universities in Italy, colleges in Italy or masters in Italy, we have (hopefully) provided you with the right answers. We have broken it up into a list of cities in Italy to simplify the process a bit. This way you can take a complete look at each of the cities in Italy that we cover to get to know them on a deeper level. If you don’t have as much time, check out the info we found on how to study in Italy Summer time style (hint: look at Cagliari or Sassari). As pricing is always a factor, check out how much it costs to study in Italy by looking at our school and university pages.

Hey, who said the only way to come to Italy was to study at a university?

Learn to cook in Italy!! Who doesn’t have that on their bucket list? We discovered the best Italian cooking classes that these cities have to offer. See what you can cook up on your trip to Italy.

Best Restaurants in Italy

Speaking of food, we can also be your guide to eating out in Italy. We’ve done a lot of eating to be able to provide you with the best restaurants in Italy that will leave you completely satisfied. And, what is there to do after you eat dinner? There’s the Italy nightlife, of course. Bars and clubs in Italy are aplenty, especially the number of bars and clubs in Milan, Italy and bars and club in Rome, Italy which we’ve narrowed and simplified for you in order to find the best spot to go to your liking. It all depends in the type of night you are looking for but there is the best nightlife in Italy for all types of tastes. For example, the Florence Italy nightlife and the nightlife in Venice, Italy are a bit more calm in comparison to that of the Milan, Italy nightlife and nightlife in Rome, Italy, homes to some of the biggest club and discos in Italy. Whereas the Naples, Italy nightlife is the best of both worlds; a little relaxed and a little wild!

Museums and Theatres in Italy

Ok, it’s not just nightlife that we cover. We promise. There is literally an entire world of incredible things to see all throughout Italy. Museums in Italy are some of the top museums in the world and absolutely worth seeing at least once in your lifetime. Theatres in Italy are also very important here and offer up a different kind of experience to have while abroad. On every page you will find a “Culture in Italy: the list of monuments and museums” section, providing you not only with a list of museums in Italy, but also anything else worth seeing while visiting a city.  

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Accommodation in Italy

After your days of roaming around and exploring an Italian city, you will have to return to a place to call your temporary home. This is why we want to complete the picture with offering apartments of rent in Italy for students and tourists.  

Accommodation in Italy comes in many forms and we include them all, from hotels and hostels to apartments for rent in Italy long term. Helping you find apartments for rent in Florence, Italy, apartments for rent in Rome, Italy and apartments for rent in Venice, Italy among all of the other Italian cities that you will find on this site.

Best Places to visit in Italy

We hope to be your main Italy guide, without making you follow us around everywhere, of  course. We aim to give you right tools to see the best places to visit in Italy in the right way. By being your main Italy travel guide, when you visit Italy or study here, not only can we help with finding your accommodation but tell you all the details you need to know about the best cities to visit in Italy. Keep us in your pocket as your Italy tour guide for use when you’re traveling around and check in from time to time when you need a good suggestion!

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Lastly, after all is said and done, let us know the best place to visit Italy in your opinion! We’d love to hear from you and what you think of the best Italy travel guide (or at least we think so).


Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Gardens, monuments, buildings, and streets are, in many cases, veritable masterpieces…


Milan city, Italy’s economic and fashion capital, is well known throughout the world.


When in Rome… You finally decided to get on a plane and visit the capital of the Old World? Well, look no further, because we have all the information you need regarding Rome and all the things to do in Rome.


Bologna Italy, one of the most important University cities in all of Italy, and also one of the best places to eat in as well.


Full of interesting history and sites to see, such as Christopher Columbus’ house, Italy Genova has become not only popular to visit among tourists, but also a popular place to study abroad.


Torino city, Italy is a city famous for studying abroad and for taking a visit to for all of its amazing sites.


Perugia is one of Italy’s oldest cities, founded by the Etruscans and because of that we don’t have a precise date of when it was founded, but based on Latin records it is said to be founded between 309-310 BC.


If you’re thinking about visiting about studying in Tuscany, one of the best towns that can cater to your student needs is going to be Pisa.


So you’re coming to Siena, Italy to study or to visit and naturally you have questions. StudentsVille is going to tell you everything you need to know when it comes to staying in this Tuscan city.


Sassari is the main city in northern Sardegna and if you want to see how it is to live on in Italian island you’ve found the best location for you.


You may not be as familiar with Padova, Italy as you are with other famous Italian cities, but it is one of Italy’s oldest established cities and is full of historical architecture, museums and beautiful gardens.


StudentsVille is here to tell you everything you need to know; what to see in Cagliari, what to see in Cagliari in one day, where to eat in Cagliari, and so much more.


Naples Italy is one one the most known cities in Italy all around the World, from it’s culinary history to it’s beautiful streets you’ve picked no doubt a place that you’ll never forget.


Need to know the ins and outs of Venice? If you plan on visiting or staying in Venice for a while then you have come to the right place.