Universities in Florence and Tuscany

Florence has one of the most important university systems in Italy. Students have been coming here from around the world for centuries. The city has almost every kind of University, from humanistic to scientific, and StudentsVille has neatly divided them into "Italian" and "Foreign" for easy reference.

Lots of European study abroad students are in Florence thanks to the legendary 'Erasmus/Lifelong Learning Programme', dedicated to furthering cultural exchange among European students. Their numbers are growing steadily, contributing to an increasingly more diverse city.

Browse our complete list of universities in Florence and Tuscany below!

Universities in Florence and Tuscany

Foreign Universities in Florence

Universities from all around the world have chosen Florence and as the ideal set for their courses. The university system (and university nightlife...) is enriched by the presence of around thirty foreign universities in the area, including: American, German, French, Japanese, English and Dutch, and many more!

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Foreign Universities in Tuscany

If you'd like to study at a Tuscany university but get a taste of the rest of the region's rolling hills, medieval towns and extravagant villas, studying in a Tuscany university in the cities like Fiesole, Prato Italy, Siena, Cortona or Emilia Romagna's Bologna, offers the interesting opportunity to live Italy off the beaten track.

You can choose the UGA study abroad Italy, located in the hills of Tuscany, Italy that offers one of the oldest study abroad program for nearly 50 years, or the University of Arezzo, that is located just a few minutes away from the train station at the entrance of one of the most beautiful parks of the city called “colle del Pionta” from where you can just take a train and visit Montepulciano, Italy that can be also a great base for exploring the Tuscan hill towns.

At Montepulciano Italy, you can find Pegaso university that offers prestigious international networks.

Just explore the academic program options for studying abroad in a Tuscany university  and choose the one perfect for your academically enriching program and have fun exploring the city hills around!

Italian Universities

If you can you speak, read, write and, most importantly, understand Italian? Then you're ready to take your study experience to a whole new level and attend one of the Italian universities!

Studentsville.it has selected a top ten italian university for you and all the italian universities teaching in english to help you explore and enrich your study program!

Here you can find an Italian university for every course that you wish! Just scroll the list of italian universities below and choose the perfect solution for your needs. You can attend one of the best italian universities and you are here to help you to narrow down programs.

To get you started you can first study italian in italy university that most of the universities offers if you prefer to attend a  university in italian, but if not and prefer to study in english Studentsville.it has selected also the best italian universities in english for international students.