Bookshops in Florence and English Bookstore in Florence

Want to find the latest American bestseller in Florence Bookstore? Dying to read your favorite French author in original language? Searching for an Italian classic? Missing your comics heroes but know where to find them? Caught up in the romantic spirit and needing to read a good love story at least once a week? studentsVille has got you covered!

StudentsVille has got you covered by providing you a list of all the best Florence bookstore! Here’s a list of the top Italian and International bookshops in Florence where you can find every kind of book, in any language you want and not only english bookstore Florence situated ! Enjoy reading to the fullest!

Bring your book bought from an anglo american bookstore into the hills around the city and relax in the perfect Tuscan landscape.


Florence Bookstore: International Bookshops

Libreria BM Bookshop s.n.c

Piazza Ognissanti, 4/r
Phone: 055 294 575

American and British Books.

Libreria Francese

*Website in Italian or French
Piazza Ognissanti 1,R
Phone: 055 212 659

Books and guides in French. Livres et guides en francais.

Libreria IBS+Libraccio

*Website in Italian
Via Cerretani 16/R

Books and tourist guides in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese. A very interesting space. Definitely worth a visit!

Paperback Exchange Anglo-American Bookshop

Via delle Oche, 4R – 50122 Firenze, Italy
Phone: +39.055.293460
Fax: +39.055.2658395

English bookstore in Florence, no matter the type of book – science, humanities, novels, paperback or hardbacks – all available here can be ordered via email at:! Secondhand books, too!

Athenaeum Studio Bibliografico

Via San Gallo, 79r
Phone: 055 462 5122

Essay-writings in English, French, and German.

Libreria City Lights

Via San Niccolò, 23r
Phone: 055 234 7882

Beat generation, English/American literature. Very interesting bookshop founded by Mr. Ferlinghetti (the author of Beat Generation). Their other branch is in San Francisco, USA.

McRae Books

Via de’ Neri, 32r
Phone: 055 238 2456
Open: Mon-Sun 9am–7.30pm 

The English Bookstore in Florence. A very nice place in the heart of the historical city with a warm and relaxing atmosphere and a vast choice of English, Italian and International books (mostly published in English). The studentsVille staff recommend it!

Libreria Art & Libri

Via dei Fossi, 32/r
Phone: 055 264 186

Italian Bookshops

Libreria Alfani Editrice

*Website in Italian
Via Alfani, 84/86/r
Phone: 055 239 8800

Libreria del Cinema

Via Guelfa, 14/r
Phone: 055 216 416

Libreria del Porcellino

Piazza Mercato Nuovo, 6
Phone: 055 212 535

New, old and antique book sales. Subscriptions to Italian newspapers and periodicals in paper or digital format. Journal, periodical and series back files.

Libreria della Signoria

Via della Spada, 19/r
Phone: 055 219 277

Art books, posters.

Libreria della Spada

Via della Torricella, 20r
Phone: 055 9752994

Out of print and rare books.

Libreria Feltrinelli

*Website in Italian
Via Cerretani 30/r
Phone: 055 238 2652

Libreria Lef

*Website in Italian
Via Ricasoli, 105-107/r
Phone: 055 216 533

Catholic bookstore.