Schools in Florence, Italy

Florence is the right place to study. You’ll find the right one for you from all the Florence, Italy schools, whatever your interests are. The secular school tradition of the Florence, Italy schools is now enriched with new teaching methods.

The Florence, Italy schools are usually located in the center of the city and this can allow you to discover all the secrets of the city and enjoy the dolce vita of the italian life!

Whatever your interests are you can either choose the Giglio cooking school in Florence, Italy and learn from italian chefs and enrich your technical knowledge of cuisine in one of the best cooking schools in Florence, Italy.

If you are interested in an art school Florence, Italy located do not worry we have selected the best Florence, Italy art school just for you! Even if you want and prefer to attend  english language schools in Florence, Italy do not worry we are here for you to help you find the best art school in Florence, Italy!

In Florence you can also find american school Florence, Italy that is one of the best international school Florence, Italy located!

Italian language, jewelry, design, cooking school Florence Italy or culinary schools in Florence Italy, music, theater, art schools in Florence italy, photography, fashion schools in Florence Italy,…and much, much more!

Discover the secrets of Italy’s most important arts at the best schools in Florence, Italy!!

Florence is the right place to study. You’ll find the right school for you, whatever your interests are. The secular school tradition is now enriched with new teaching methods.

Florence Italy Schools


Fashion is continuously drawing upon emerging talent and renewing its creative energy. The Polimoda International Institute of Design and Marketing offers anyone interested in entering the world of fashion the possibility to do so through high-quality, professional training in tune with the needs of the business.

Polimoda is a highly specialized fashion and design school located in Florence, Italy.

This school maintains close ties and continuous collaboration with the fashion industry to provide students with the knowledge they need to enter the current, international style scene…

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Polimoda launches a new master in digital communication for fashion 2.0 »

If you’re coming to Florence, why not learn Italian? Not only will your linguistic charm skyrocket, but you’ll be able to dive head first into Italian culture and society.

Fashion Schools

Florence has wonderful schools for studying fashion business, marketing and design! In this section you can find all the best fashion schools in Florence, Italy and our team has selected the best fashion schools for you! You can just visit our list of fashion schools and choose the ideal solution for your needs.

If you want to study fashion design in Italy, Florence is quickly becoming a fashion capital on the world map with some of the best fashion schools in Italy. In Florence you can find a wide selection of the most prestigious fashion schools and also some cheap fashion schools, if you love fashion here you can surely find the one perfect for you!

And not because a school, is one of the affordable fashion schools of Florence means that it does not offer international and complete programs in fashion design and it can not be one of the best schools in Florence, Italy.

One of the most important Florence fashion school that offers a vast selection of fashion courses in Italy is the Polimoda international institute of fashion design & marketing Florence, Italy.

Florence is becoming the new Milan of Tuscany and offers an outstanding selection of fashion schools in Italy! So do not hesitate choose Florence in order to live and feel the sense of fashion in Florence!

Cooking Schools

Cuisine in Italy is equal to art. To get a real grasp of Italian culture, you must understand the Italian style of preparing and serving food and drinks. The schools we’ll introduce you to are the best places to learn.

Italian Language Schools

The Italian language and cultural school Centro Machiavelli is located in the historic centre of Florence. Focusing on creating a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, the school offers a variety of high-quality Italian language courses throughout the year at all levels.

Member of:
TANDEM® International – International Association of Language Schools involved in the research and application of teaching methods based on language and cultural interchanges.
ASILS – Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language
EDUITALIA – International Education, Association of Schools and Universities providing courses for foreign students
ALTO Association of Language Travel Organisations – through Tandem International

Official recognition of the Ministry of Education.
ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.
Complies with UNI ISO 29990:2010.

from the Region of Tuscany as an Educational Agency.
European Language Label.
Trasnational projects | Life Long Learning.
CSN – Centrala Studiestöds Nämnden
BildungsUrlaub (Hamburg and Berlin)

Can you hardly distinguish ‘che bella’ (how beautiful!) from ‘che palle’ (what a pain in the a**!)? Do you somehow end up with a ‘birra alla spina’ (draft beer) when you want a ‘birra in bottiglia’ (bottled beer)? And what is the difference between ‘caffé macchiato’, ‘caffé corretto’ and ‘cappuccino’?! Still fumbling through introducing yourself to a cute Italian? …You really need Italian lessons!

Teaching English (TEFL)

For native English speakers, one of the easiest ways to find work in Italy is to teach the language. And one of the best ways to make sure your teaching resume gets noticed is to be TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certified.

Fine Arts & Restoration

Florence is surely one of the best places to find inspiration to create your own works of art and possible masterpieces in the fields of drawing, painting, fresco and sculpture. It’s no coincidence that Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Brunelleschi and Botticelli, Giotto, Donatello all lived or worked here. Or, if you’re not an exceptional artist yourself, you can always take a restoration course to help conserve what other legends have left behind!

Design & Architecture

From the curves of its Italian furniture, to its sloping archways, to the round wheels of its Vespas, to the angles of its leather bags, Florence has got some beautiful lines! Add your own twist in an industrial design, graphic design, interior design, or architecture course!

Decorative Arts

There are so many artisans in Florence, it’s almost impossible to choose between them all without our handy list of decorative and craft art institutions, including: jewelry, goldsmithry, engraving, ceramics, leather work, glass work, batik, book art, furniture design, pottery, mosaic, framing, etching, lithography, weaving, printmaking, illustration, and serigraphy.

Modern Visual Arts

Are your tastes too modern for studying historic arts? Why not try a course in photography, animation, comics, video & filmmaking, film acting, multimedia?

Music & Theater

Italians are performers. Who better to learn the art of entertainment from than the champions of animated emotions, dancing gestures and uninhibited passion?

Not to mention this country is where Opera was born and one in which there is no shortage of gorgeous, centuries-old stages waiting for you to break into their spotlight.