Restaurants in Firenze

There are hundreds of restaurants in Firenze located in the main historical center and the quality is excellent almost everywhere! What food is Florence Italy famous for? Florentine Cuisine is so tasty:

Typical Florentine Dishes 

1. Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Bistecca alla Fiorentina (the Florentine steak) is a cut of veal or scottona beef that, combined with the specific preparation, makes it one of the most popular dishes of Tuscan cuisine. It is a high cut including the bone, to be cooked on the grill or on the grill, with a degree of cooking “rare”.

2. Crostini di Fegatini

Crostini di Fegatini is a typical tuscan dish. It’s a starter: bread slices made of a savory chicken liver paste. 

3. Ribollita

Ribollita is a dish that comes from the typical soup of stale bread and vegetable, you can taste it in many Florentine restaurants. 

4. Lampredotto

Lampredotto is the most common Florentine street food, obtained from one section of the bovine’s stomach, the abomasum. If you’re in Florence, you can’t miss it.

On this page, we’ve selected some of the restaurants Firenze we prefer in town, not only for the quality of food and wine, but also for price, location and atmosphere of some of the great restaurants in Florence Italy.

You can enjoy your lunch or dinner in the heart of Florence in the picturesque Piazza San Marco with the traditional flavors typical of the tuscan cuisine at the Accademia restaurant Florence or if you prefer to taste the flavors of Tuscany while enjoying the view from the panoramic terraces of Fiesole do not hesitate to have a look at La Reggia degli Etruschi menu.

If you are a lover of medieval and renaissance recipes you can not miss the historical La Pentola dell’oro Firenze, restaurant!

How to Order in a Restaurant

For the uninitiated, here’s a guide to meals in Florence (and in Italy):
Antipasto – (Appetizer): salami, cheese, crostini (toasted bread with different toppings), bruschetta, carpaccio (sliced cold cuts)…mmmmmmm…
Primo piatto – (First Course): pasta, risotto, lasagne, Pici (handmade pasta), tagliatelle, spaghetti, and so on…
Secondo piatto – (Second/Main Course): usually meat or fish with a contorno (side dish) like insalata (salad) or patatine fritte (french fries) or arroste (roasted potatoes) …
Dolce – (Dessert): tiramisù, torta della nonna (cream and pine nut cake), millefoglie (puff pastry layers alternated with cream) and many, many more!
Caffè – (Coffee):…that could be “Macchiato”, “Corto”, “Lungo”, “Corretto”…
Ammazzacaffé – (After Coffee – literally “kill the coffee”): limoncello, Grappa (Italian brandy), Amaro (cinnamon-flavored liqueur)…
Cappuccino – Never never order a Cappuccino after lunch or a dinner, or the Italians around you will will think you’re crazy!;) Italians only drink Cappuccinos for breakfast!

At the end of the meal… do you tip in Florence?  – Tip is not compulsory in Florence (and in Italy). But if you are satisfied with the food and the service, you can thank the restaurant (or bar) with your tip.

Buon appetito and have fun eating out in Florence Italy from the studentsVille staff!

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Trattoria Cibrèo

Via dei Macci, 122r, Florence (Doesn’t take reservations) Open 7 days a week.

This trattoria was opened at the same time as its restaurant version, by Fabio Picchi, and would be followed up by a café, buffet and asian-fusion version in the years to follow. This is one of the most well known restaurants in Florence and frequented not only by tourists but by locals which is always a great sign. Using always the freshest ingredients of the season, you will find a family run business that is passionate and always delivers the best product. If you can’t find a spot here, at least there are the sister restaurants to try out your luck!


Via delle Caldaie 12 R Ph. +39 055 282223

Set apart from your typical tourist routes, you will find this restaurant in the Santo Spirito area (opposite side of the river). A restaurant with a bit of a modern feel with a menu that proposes traditional dishes, always based on the season, with a twist. Find here an extensive wine list that consists of wines from the Tuscan region and those that are not, something for all palettes. If wine isn’t your thing, try one of their amazing cocktails!

Il Santo Bevitore

Via di Santo Spirito, 64/66  Ph. +39 055 211264

While this restaurant is traditional in the sense that you can get an amazing selection of meats, cheeses and marinated vegetables to start, you will also find on the menu a selection of pastas and meats done in non-traditional ways but nonetheless extremely tasty. You can taste the freshness in every bite, not to mention the restaurant has a great atmosphere and the staff are friendly and professional. This restaurant will take you out of the rush of the tourist areas in Florence and be a welcomed change from the hustle and bustle of the restaurants in the center.

Il Guscio

Via dell’Orto, 49/A Florence  Ph. +39 055 224421 (Closed Sundays)

This is a go-to spot for many people living in the city of Florence. Located in one of the most untouched areas of Florence, San Frediano, this restaurant is Fiorentina through and through and offers dishes that your Italian grandmother would make. Open since 1986, they pride themselves on keeping the tradition alive yet change the menu accordingly based on the season to keep it always fresh.

Giannino in San Lorenzo

Via Borgo San Lorenzo 33/35/37r, Florence Ph. +39 055 239 97 99

The restaurant is placed in an old opened gallery of the 16th century, where there used to be a small market. It was born in the twenties and at the time it was called ‘Old Tavern‘ and today welcome visitors and locals in a typically Tuscan environment.In the last years it expanded a lot with the typical Florentine cuisine, based on country traditions. Here you can find ‘the original Florentine beefsteak‘, the restaurant’s pride. Other local dishes are available too, such as the ‘Florentine tripe‘, the fried and other specialities.

Trattoria da Mario

Via Rosina 2r (corner of Piazza del Mercato Centrale) Ph. +39 055 – 218550

Come here for a no frills, yet delicious meal. Open only for lunch, expect a wait out the door, but a wait that will be worth it! The menu changes daily but usually includes a choice of 4 different first course dishes, usually pasta and soups, followed by a choice of meats including chicken and steak. Being next to the central market, they receive their ingredients fresh every morning so come here to enjoy a dish at their communal seating and immerse yourself into the Italian culture immediately.

Mercato Centrale

Piazza del Mercato Centrale – Via dell’Ariento Ph: +39 055 2399798

Speaking of the Mercato Centrale, she’s next on our list and is open every day from 8AM to Midnight. First of all, you should be doing all of your grocery shopping here on the main floor for the freshest produce, fish and meats that you can find in the city. Second of all, from 2014, they reopened the second floor to an open seating floor plan and a number of different sections dedicated to different types of food – think higher quality food court. You can also enjoy the upstairs for a drink and appetizers with some friends. You decide, the choice is yours and that’s the beauty of it!

La Beppa Fioraia

Via dell’Erta Canina, 6/R  Ph. +39 055 234 7681

If you plan on visiting Piazzale Michelangelo during your stay, then you should definitely make La Beppa Fioraia your lunch or dinner spot, as it’s just steps away from the famous piazza. Great during Autumn and Winter and even better during Spring and Summer as their garden space is something to enjoy with the nice weather. Their large and shareable tagliere boards are perfect for a group and contain everything from meats and cheeses to veggies and coccoli; perfect for both meat eaters and vegetarians. A great spot to get out of the main city center for a minute.

Vini e Vecchi Sapori

Via dei Magazzini, 3r  Ph. +39 055 293045

Around since 2005 and a place you will find on every “Top Restaurants in Florence” list and for good reason. This family-run restaurant is small, so definitely plan on making a reservation, so you can be sure to taste their traditionally wonderful Italian dishes. What else is there to say when something is so simply wonderful? Try this place!

La Regina Bistecca

Via Ricasoli n. 14r Ph. +39 055 269 3772

Opened recently in August of 2018, this new restaurant you will find just steps away from the Duomo located in an old antique bookshop and conveniently located near some of Florence’s most famous sites. Bistecca, in English, is the word for steak so, you can imagine if you are a vegetarian maybe this isn’t the place for you. Order a la carte or choose from some fixed menu choices where you can enjoy a steak (to share, its huge!) with one of their many sides. Don’t forget to pair it with a nice glass of wine or a cocktail.

La Reggia degli Etruschi – Fiesole

Via S.Francesco, 18 – Fiesole (Florence) Ph./Fax +39 055 59385

The Restaurant “La Reggia degli Etruschi” is located in Fiesole very close to Florence in a relaxing and panoramic place. This typical and exclusive restaurant offers its guests the best traditional “Cucina Toscana”.The restaurant is also an “enoteca” (winery) where you can taste Tuscan wines recognized worldwide such as Solaia, Brunello di Montalcino, the fabulous “Super Tuscans“, and many others that could accompany your traditional tuscan dinner in Fiesole, while immersed in the magic of the Florentine hills.


La Cantinetta in Borgo

Borgo San Lorenzo, 14 – 50122 – Firenze, Ph. +39 055 213525

The “Cantinetta in Borgo” restaurant/winery is the result of the will to live differently the Florentine cuisine, making of the quality our pride.Our choice to use certain products, such as the Chianina Beef or the Cinta Senese, is part of this philosophy, as well as the use of products at 0 Km along with the choise of niche products as the Mortadella di Prato. So, the quality and the local products embrace a cuisine that focuses on all kinds of needs our customers may have, trying to give a quick but satisfying serviceat lunch time, along with a formal and elegant one at dinner.


La Pentola dell’Oro

Via di Mezzo, 24 – 50121 Firenze | Ph. +39 055 241808

Here you can taste dishes that belong to the Medieval and Renaissance Tuscan recipes. It is a simple-looking restaurant but well-kept in the Florence historical centre where it is possible to meet in the table next to you important exponent of florentine and international culture.For Giuseppe Alessi and the members of his team, cooking is a sort of art tied tightly with the culture of a nation and its sensitivity that is compared with the environment.

Accademia Restaurant

Piazza San Marco 7R – 50129 Firenze

Accademia Restaurant is situated in the historical San Marco square, just a stone’s throw away from Michelangelo’s David. The menu is moderately priced and includes a variety of homemade pastas and hearty Tuscan fare.The kitchen also offers daily lunch and dinner specials including a unique ‘Wine and Dine‘ menu. And no meal would be complete without a carefully prepared dessert by Chef Aldo.

For great pizza, try:

Pizzeria Santarpia – Largo Pietro Annigoni nr. 9/C Ph. +39.

Pizzeria da Gherardo –Borgo S. Frediano, 57 Ph. +39 055 205 2888

TorcicodaVia Torta 5R Ph. +39 055 265 4329

La Divina Pizza – Borgo Allegri, 50/red Ph. +39 055 234 7498

For all other pizzerias that we recommend, go look at Florence Pizzerie.


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