Restaurants in Firenze

There are hundreds of restaurants in Firenze city center located and the quality is excellent almost everywhere!

On this page, we’ve selected some of the restaurants Firenze we prefer in town, not only for the quality of food and wine, but also for price, location and atmosphere of some of the great restaurants in Florence Italy.

You can enjoy your lunch or dinner in the heart of Florence in the picturesque Piazza San Marco with the traditional flavors typical of the tuscan cuisine at the accademia restaurant Florence or if you prefer to taste the flavours of Tuscany while enjoying the view from the panoramic terraces of Fiesole do not hesitate to have a look at La Reggia degli Etruschi menu.

If you are a lover of mediaeval and renaissance recipes you can not miss the historical La Pentola dell’oro Firenze, restaurant!

How to Order in a Restaurant

For the uninitiated, here’s a guide to meals in Florence (and in Italy):
Antipasto – (Appetizer): salami, cheese, crostini (toasted bread with different toppings), bruschetta, carpaccio (sliced cold cuts)…mmmmmmm…
Primo piatto – (First Course): pasta, risotto, lasagne, Pici (handmade pasta), tagliatelle, spaghetti, and so on…
Secondo piatto – (Second/Main Course): usually meat or fish with a contorno (side dish), insalata (salad) or patatine fritte (french fries) or arroste (roasted potatoes) …
Dolce – (Dessert): tiramisù, torta della nonna (cream and pine nut cake), millefoglie (puff pastry layers alternated with cream) and many, many more!
Caffè – (Coffee):…that could be “Macchiato”, “Corto”, “Lungo”, “Corretto”…
Ammazzacaffé – (After Coffee – literally “kill the coffee”): limoncello, Grappa (Italian brandy), Amaro (cinnamon-flavored liqueur)…
Cappuccino – Never never order a Cappuccino after lunch or a dinner, or the Italians around you will will think you’re crazy!;) Italians only drink Cappuccinos for breakfast!

Buon appetito and have fun eating out in Florence Italy from the studentsVille staff!

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Giannino in San Lorenzo

Official website
Via Borgo San Lorenzo 33/35/37r, Florence Ph. +39 055 239 97 99The restaurant is placed in an old opened gallery of the 16th century, where there used to be a small market. It was born in the twenties and at the time it was called ‘Old Tavern‘ and today welcome visitors and locals in a typically Tuscan environment.In the last years it expanded a lot with the typical Florentine cuisine, based on country traditions. Here you can find ‘the original Florentine beefsteak‘, the restaurant’s pride. Other local dishes are available too, such as the ‘Florentine tripe‘, the fried and other specialities.

La Reggia degli Etruschi – Fiesole

Official website
Via S.Francesco, 18 – Fiesole (Florence) Ph./Fax +39 055 59385The Restaurant “La Reggia degli Etruschi” is located in Fiesole very close to Florence in a relaxing and panoramic place. This typical and exclusive restaurant offers its guests the best traditional “Cucina Toscana”.The restaurant is also an “enoteca” (winery) where you can taste Tuscan wines recognized worldwide such as Solaia, Brunello di Montalcino, the fabulous “Super Tuscans“, and many others that could accompany your traditional tuscan dinner in Fiesole, while immersed in the magic of the Florentine hills

La Cantinetta in Borgo

Official website
Borgo San Lorenzo, 14 – 50122 – Firenze, Ph. +39 055 213525
The “Cantinetta in Borgo” restaurant/winery is the result of the will to live differently the Florentine cuisine, making of the quality our pride.Our choice to use certain products, such as the Chianina Beef or the Cinta Senese, is part of this philosophy, as well as the use of products at 0 Km along with the choise of niche products as the Mortadella di Prato. So, the quality and the local products embrace a cuisine that focuses on all kinds of needs our customers may have, trying to give a quick but satisfying serviceat lunch time, along with a formal and elegant one at dinner.

La Pentola dell’Oro

Official website
Via di Mezzo, 24 – 50121 Firenze | Ph. +39 055 241808
Here you can taste dishes that belong to the Medieval and Renaissance Tuscan recipes. It is a simple-looking restaurant but well-kept in the Florence historical centre where it is possible to meet in the table next to you important exponent of florentine and international culture.For Giuseppe Alessi and the members of his team, cooking is a sort of art tied tightly with the culture of a nation and its sensitivity that is compared with the environment.

Accademia Restaurant

Official website
Piazza San Marco 7R – 50129 Firenze
Accademia Restaurant is situated in the historical San Marco square, just a stone’s throw away from Michelangelo’s David. The menu is moderately priced and includes a variety of homemade pastas and hearty Tuscan fare.The kitchen also offers daily lunch and dinner specials including a unique ‘Wine and Dine‘ menu. And no meal would be complete without a carefully prepared dessert by Chef Aldo …