Foreign Universities in Florence

Universities from all around the world have chosen Florence and as the ideal set for their courses. The university of Florence system (and university nightlife…) is enriched by the presence of around thirty foreign universities in the area, including: American, German, French, Japanese, English and Dutch, and many more!

Looking for a list of universities in italy for international students? Check our list of english speaking universities in Italy.


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International schools in Florence, Italy

Florence is the perfect city to move to learn the language and study in Italy.
There are many international schools in Florence. Below is a detailed list among which the University of Florence, flagship of Italian education, stands out.

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Study abroad in Florence: the complete guide

university of florence

University of Florence, Italy

Studying in Italy and especially in Florence can be the ideal place for you to study abroad especially if you love La dolce Vita and the timeless beauty of the Renaissance!

Florence is one of the best towns of Italy to study because of it has well known universities in Florence that offer courses and masters in english. In Florence you will find not only great food and a unique culture but also you will experience your student life to the fullest.

If you don’t speak italian don’t be disappointed, whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, or an international student studying abroad, in Florence you will surely find something to suit you in the universities in Florence Italy for american students that offer a broad range of courses with a strong focus on the humanities and social sciences, the  American universities in Florence that offer courses not only that take advantage of the cultural resources offered by the city of Florence but also with co-curricular lectures and activities, the University of Florence English Courses that follows the internationalisation process through agreements with the foreign academic institutions offers programs in the academic years with joint degree programs, double degree programmes and courses taught entirely in english, the University of Florence in English that offer courses not only in english but also in italian for international students.

Furthermore in Florence there is the presence of around thirty foreign universities in the area, including: American, German, French, Japanese, English and Dutch, and many more!

University of Florence in English

The University of Florence English is organized in 10 Schools and according to the ranking, the University of Florence is among the top italian state universities. There are courses interely in english, two year masters and also italian language courses. The University of Florence English courses cooperates with academic and research institutions all over the world.

Enjoy the cultural side of the Renaissance with StudentsVille!!

Florence Cultural Centre For Foreigners

Centro di Cultura per Stranieri, Università di Firenze
Via Francesco Valori, 9 – 50132 Firenze, Italia
Phone: +39 055 2756938/936
Fax: +39 055 2756940

The center offers very interesting Italian language courses and Italian culture courses. Their website has information in 5 languages. The best way to obtain information is to call them or go directly to their office.

American universities in Florence Italy and International Universities: the complete list

New York University – Florence Program

Villa La Pietra
Via Bolognese, 106 -120
Phone: 011-39-055-5007-1
Fax: 055 472 725
Email: Student Life: – Academics:
American Contact: Phone:  212 998 4433 

NYU in Florence Website

Villa La Pietra 

NYU in Florence is located at Villa La Pietra, a magnificent estate covering 37 acres of open fields, formal gardens, olive groves, and includes five villas. The faculty and administrative staff will ensure that your experience in Florence is intellectually and culturally rewarding. Here you will find the academic program mainly focusing on humanities and social sciences, including, but not limited to, courses such as global liberal studies, art history, Italian studies, sociology and law & society.

At NYU in Florence, you will join a true university community to share the experience of living in a new culture. The many activities of campus life – academic courses, poetry readings, concerts, debates, field trips and site visits, guest lectures, academic conferences, study groups, Italian language immersion projects, the Villa and the grounds of La Pietra — are all waiting for you. You’ll also immerse yourself in Italy, sample the Italian life-style, and understand the history and the daily life of this city — one of the principal cultural centers of Europe.

Syracuse University – Florence Program

Villa Rossa
Piazza Savonarola, 15 – Florence
Phone: +39 055 50 31 31
Fax: +39 055 500 0531

Syracuse University Official Website
Syracuse University in Florence Website

Syracuse University in Florence (SUF) brings study abroad to the highest levels of academic achievement and cultural engagement through a mixture of tradition and innovation.

SUF was founded in 1959 and is one of the oldest study abroad programs in Italy. Their many years of experience and long-standing relationship within the Florentine communityallow them to offer students a program that excels in academics and cultural immersion. At the same time, SUF is in a continuous process of self-renewal, and is a pioneer in community engagement initiatives.

SUF has been consistently ranked as one of the best American study abroad programs, providing distinguished academic curricula, combined with an outstanding support for cultural immersion. The SUF faculty are internationally renowned scholars, and the staff is truly dedicated to meeting the needs of today’s students and helping them immerse themselves in the Italian culture[read more]

Stanford University – Florence Program

Stanford University in Florence
The Breyer Center for Overseas Studies in Florence
Palazzo Capponi alle Rovinate
Via de’ Bardi, 36 – Firenze 50125
Phone: +39 055 248 0951

Stanford Official Website
Stanford in Florence Official Website

Stanford in Florence affords undergraduates with at least three quarters of Italian the opportunity to take advantage of the unique intellectual and visual resources of the cityand to focus on two areas: Renaissance History and Art, and Contemporary Italian and European Studies.

The program is structured to help integrate students as fully as possible into Italian culture through homestays, Florence University courses, the Language Partners Program, research, internship and public service opportunities, and by conducting some of the program’s classes completely in Italian.

California State University – Florence Program

– 50th anniversary in 2017-18

CSU in Florence
Via Giacomo Leopardi, 12 – 50121 Florence

Phone Number (USA only): 011-39-0552345700 or 011-39-0552466512
Phone number: 055.234.5700
Fax: 055.247.7982
E-Mail: and

CSU official website
CSU in Florence Official Website

The California State University International Program in Florence, founded in 1966, celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2006.  In its early years it was housed in Fiesole, above Florence, in the Badia Fiesolana.  Later, the program moved to Piazza Independenza, first in a building on one side of the piazza and later on the other.  In 1996, the Program moved again, this time to its present location on Via. G. Leopardi.  The CSU Program currently occupies two floors of a nineteenth century palazzo situated near Piazza Beccaria, on the edge of the historical center, about a 15 minute walk from the Duomo…[read more]

CAPA – Global Education Network 

Via dei Pandolfini 20, 50122 Florence, Italy 

Through CAPA, you can experience many different study abroad options, as they work hand in hand with important universities throughout the states to create the perfect program. CAPA offers a program in Florence, Italy in which you can experience the true Tuscan lifestyle. Explore other Tuscan cities through their included excursions, learn from your classes, live like Italians and experience working abroad through internships that they offer. Check out their website to discover more about what CAPA can offer you.

Florida State University – Florence Program

Borgo degli Albizi, 15 – FlorenceItaly 50122
Telephone: (+39) 055 234 0604

Florida State University Official Website
Florida State University in Florence

The city is the students’ classroom and its rich history and culture are brought to life as students study first hand the works of masters who shaped Western culture, such as Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Lorenzo de Medici, Galileo and Michelangelo.

The Study Center, located in the 15th-century Alessandri Palace, is just a short stroll from the marbled Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio, and the world renowned Uffizi gallery. In the midst of all this history, the Center’s impressive facilities are equipped with modern comforts and technology. Students and faculty also use the Center as a gathering place for study groups and social activities.

The Institute at Palazzo Rucellai: Arizona State University, Penn State, University of Virginia, Connecticut College, Roger Williams University & UCONN Florence Programs

Via Della Vigna Nuova, 18 – Florence 50123
Phone: +39 055 264 5910
Fax: +39 055 264 6721

The International Studies Institute at Palazzo Rucellai

Palazzo Rucellai Official Website

Affiliated Universities and Colleges

The Institute at Palazzo Rucellai is committed to providing quality international educational opportunities for students of American colleges and universities. In support of this mission, the Institute offers a study abroad program firmly rooted in the American liberal arts tradition taught by a distinguished faculty and supported by an experienced and dedicated administration and staff.

Participants take courses in a variety of disciplines (language, art history, architecture, history, political science, literature, psychology, business administration, studio art) while immersed in the artistic and architectural riches of a unique urban complex and experiencing the city-as-campus. The Institute is comprised of three facilities… [read more]

James Madison University – Florence Program

Via dei Michelozzi, 2, 50125 – Florence 
Phone: 540/568-5209
Fax: 540/568-3310
James Madison Official Website
James Madison in Florence

The academic program is housed within the 16th century Palazzo Capponi, a 14,000-square-foot palace owned by Pio Istituto de’ Bardi (The Bardi Institute), an 18th century philanthropic organization that provides educational opportunities in the Florence community. James Madison University recently renovated space in the palazzo to provide offices, classrooms and computer labs. Students attend language classes at the British Institute, and all students have reading privileges at the British Institute library.

The curriculum highlights the Renaissance tradition of Florence through art, literature and culture related courses, as well as focusing on 20th and 21st century Italy and Europe through politics and history related to European Integration courses

Pepperdine University – Florence Program

Viale Milton 41
50129 Florence
Office Phone: 011-39-055-474120
Fax: 011-39-055-472446

Pepperdine University Official Website
Pepperdine University in Florence

This facility contains fully-equipped classrooms. The language of instruction is English, but all students must register for a course in Italian, which must be taken for credit. The Fall semester runs from September to December.

Michigan State University – Florence Program

MSU at Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri
Via dei Bardi, 12, Florence

Michigan State university Official Website
Michigan State University in Florence

The Italian studies program in Florence brings together the study of language, and the culture and civilization of late Medieval and Renaissance Italy.

The program takes full advantage of the unique resources of this beautiful city’s rich heritage. Tours of Florence’s renowned galleries, museums and churches form an integral part of the students’ experience. Sites include the Academy of Fine Arts, home of Michelangelo’s David; the magnificent cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with its celebrated cupola; the Bargello Museum, home of numerous works by Donatello; and the Uffizi Gallery, the most important collection of paintings in Italy and one of the great art collections of the world.

Harding University – Florence Program

Villa Il Pallazzaccio, Via Triozzi, 57
Scandicci (Florence)
Fax: 501-279-4184
Harding University

International Programs Box 10838
Searcy AR 72149-5615

Harding University Official Website
Harding University in Florence

HUF students live in an authentic 16th century villa and eat Tuscan meals prepared by our own Italian cooks. They bargain in outdoor markets, learn to speak Italian, and visit Cinque Terre, Rome and Southern Italy on program field trips. A Eurail pass provides students extensive travel opportunities throughout Europe.

Bowling Green State University – Florence Program

Via San Gallo, 30 – Florence

Bowling Green State Official Website
Bowling Green State in Florence

Where better to study Communication and Culture in Italy than in the heart of Florence? The campus palazzo is located in the heart of this beautiful city, steps away from Michelangelo’s Medici Chapel, Fra Angelico’s masterpieces in San Marco, the colorful central market and Florence’s Duomo.
Education Abroad, International Programs and Partnerships
Bowling Green State University
301 University Hall
Bowling Green, OH 43403 419-372-0479

University of Connecticut – Florence Program

The Institute at Palazzo Rucellai
Via della Vigna Nuova, 18 – 50123 Firenze
Phone: +39 055 264 5910
Fax: +39 055 264 6721

University of Connecticut Official Website
University of Connecticut in Florence
Palazzo Rucellai Website

This extraordinary semester-long program will bring you into in the heart of Florence, a city which is a monument to the Renaissance, and which contains more art per square mile than any other place on earth.

The program is located at the Palazzo Rucellai, one of three buildings in Florence designed by the famed fifteenth-century architect and humanist Leon Battista Alberti. You will find the Institute at Palazzo Rucellai a warm and welcoming place, with an expert and accessible staff that always has time to answer a question or to help with a problem. TheInstitute has a small computer center, lap top hubs, a library, and a student lounge. Phone: (860) 486-5022
Address:368 Fairfield Way U-4207, Storrs, CT 06269

Gonzaga University – Florence Program

Via Silvio Pellico, 1 – 50121 Firenze, (Toscana), Italy
Phone: +39 055 2344496

Gonzaga University Official Website
Gonzaga University in Florence

To the Gonzaga-in-Florence student, Italy is much more than a boot-shaped peninsula in the Mediterranean; it is an opportunity of a lifetime.

In 1963, Gonzaga University, a Jesuit institution located in Spokane, Washington, developed a program in Florence, Italy, which was designed to immerse students in both Italian and European life and culture.

Gonzaga chose Florence because the city is central to the past of Italy and to European civilization itself.

Here in Italy’s center, Gonzaga maintains a campus offering a core of historical, business, cultural, and sociological studies, rich and varied in content, but unified by the experience of Italy, past and present…[read more]
(509) 313-3549

Kent State University – Florence Program

Vicolo de’ Cerchi, 1-red, 50122 – Firenze, (Toscana), Italy
Phone: +39 055 2658365

Kent State University Official Website
Kent State University in Florence
Kent State University offers Kent State students and those from other universities the opportunity to study in historic Florence at its newly-renovated Palazzo dei Cerchi in sunny Italy’s center of cuisine, culture, art, fashion and civilization.

Programs are designed for students in many majors. You will learn about a foreign country through field trips, special activities, and individual travel.

Semester program students live in apartments and those in the Intensive Italian-Language Program live with a family.

Washington University – Florence Program

International and Area Studies, Campus Box 1088, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis MO 63130
Phone: (314) 935-5958
Fax: (314) 935-7642

Washington University Official Website
Washington University in Florence

A unique opportunity for students to take Italian language courses and Applied Music or Voice Lessons at the Accademia Europea di Firenze in Florence, Italy.

Students will be enrolled in WU Prof. William Lenihan’s Special Topics in Music course. The program will include master classes and activities in and around Florence.

Richmond University – Florence Program

Via Maggio, 11 – Florence 50125 Italy
Phone: +39 055 213 851
Fax:+39 055 215 956

Richmond university Official Website
Richmond University in Florence

The Florence Study Center specializes in the study of studio and fine arts. Social science and business majors would also benefit from this outstanding educational opportunity. Situated in a major Renaissance city with a wealth of cultural resources, it is an ideal location for the intensive study of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and art history.

Each participant’s first semester begins with an intensive three-week Italian language course at the Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana per Stranieri in the historic town of Siena. This is followed by eleven weeks of study in Florence. With the exception of Italian language, most courses are taught in English.

Tulane University – Florence Program

Borgo S. Croce, 10 – Firenze, FI 50122 Italy
Phone: +39 055 240904

Tulane University Official Website
Tulane University in Florence

The Tulane-Newcomb JYA program in Florence, Italy, is open to superior students in the undergraduate divisions of Tulane, Newcomb, and the School of architecture.

Our JYA students take courses alongside their Italian counterparts in the Universita di Firenze. All academic work is conducted in the Italian language. The program is recognized as an honors program of the University, and Tulane credits and grades are awarded.

Tulane in Florence is based at the Università degli Studi di Firenze, which consists of 12 faculties and has nearly 60,000 matriculated students.

I Tatti – The Harvard University center for Italian Renaissance Studies

Via di Vincigliata 26, 50135 Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055 603 251

Villa I Tatti is the home of Harvard University’s Italian Renaissance Studies Centre. The villa, after many changes of ownership, was purchased in 1906 by the historian and art critic Bernard Berenson. On his death he left the villa, surrounded by a magnificent terraced garden and his collections of books, photos and art objects from the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, to Harvard University to make it a Centre for the Study of Italian Renaissance History and Art.
Each fall and spring semester it is available (for Harvard PhD students) Harvard Florence Italy graduate program (two fellowships).

European School of Economics

Borgo SS. Apostoli 19 – 50123 Florence
Phone: +

The European School of Economics (ESE) is an international private College of Higher Education in international business – a multicultural and pragmatic Business School without borders. ESE has centres in London, New York, Madrid, Rome, Milan and Florence.

ESE is not just another Business School. In today’s competitive job market young professionals require, more than ever, assistance in the identification of their life goals and their unique personal and professional dreams. At ESE, students have the opportunity to shape their own destinies through unique undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses with specializations in 21st century cutting-edge business sectors, and a competitive internship programme to increase employability and self-development.

The ESE formula furthermore consists of obligatory attendance, intensive study of foreign languages, study and intern abroad options, specialisations in cutting-edge 21st century business sectors, additional guest lectures, workshops and company visits and international internships in some of the largest companies worldwide.

ESE offers a unique 3-year European undergraduate degree programme, the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration including min. 2 internships worldwide, foreign language study, integrative workshops and guest lectures and a choice of specialisation modules.
The available postgraduate programmes consist of the Master of Science (MSc) degree programme in Management, Marketing or Finance, and the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

In addition, ESE offers short Executive Courses in Management, Marketing and Finance and Specialised Professional Courses such as in Entrepreneurship, Arts & Cultural Management, Fashion & Luxury Goods Management, Hospitality Management, Event Management,  Sports Management, Real Estate… These courses are well suited for study abroad or exchange semester programmes. They have a duration of 3 months and can all be followed up by an optional but highly recommended 3-6 months internship (individual assistance from ESE’s Internship Department).

The educational philosophy of ESE is rooted in academic excellence, pragmatism, internationality and work experience. The mission is to prepare a new generation of ambitious business leaders ready to take on important roles in the 21st century business world.

ESE Florence is located right within the beautiful city centre and capital of Tuscany, a stone’s throw away from the famous Ponte Vecchio and Duomo (Cathedral). ESE Florence is a relatively small campus with compact class sizes (20-25 students) and international students that represent more than 40 different nationalities, which maximizes both academic and personal development.

CEA Cultural Experience Abroad – Florence Program

Cea Global Education Official Website

Take courses taught in English at our Global Campus in Florence, which offers small, interactive classes designed to help you fully engage with your host culture.

Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz

Via Giuseppe Giusti, 44 – 50121 Florence – Italy
Phone: +39 055 24911-1
Fax: +39 055 24911-55

Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz Website

The Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz is one of the oldest research institutions dedicated to the History of Art and Architecture in Italy, where facets of European, Mediterranean and global history are subject to close scrutiny.

Founded in 1897 on the private initiative of a group of independent scholars, it has been under the auspices of the Max Planck Society since 2002. Approximately thirty scholarsare currently employed at the Institute, which is run by two directors, and the promotion of international young scientists and academics is high on its internal agenda.

In addition to numerous individual research projects, those funded by third parties and a multiplicity of international collaboration with universities, museums and research institutes, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz provides a platform for larger long- and medium-term projects whose subject matter ranges from Late Antiquity to the Modern Age.

The Institute’s resources, including the library with over 300,000 volumes, some of which are extremely rare, 940 ongoing journal subscriptions, and one of the most wide-ranging photographic libraries on Italian art, are placed at the disposal of researchers from all over the world.

With its programme of public academic events and up to 100 visitors daily, the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz is a unique, open platform for lively, international and interdisciplinary academic exchange.

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