Wanting to relax in front of a great film at the cinema, but can’t understand a word of Italian? Don’t worry! Florence has a few movie theaters where you can watch in original language!


Florence movie theater

In Italy, films at the Florence movie theater tend to be dubbed into Italian. There are however movie theaters in Florence, Italy, English playing movies that feature Italian subtitles.

For those of you that are looking English movie theaters near me, we have listed a few of the best cinema Florence center located.

In this section you can find listed the best Florence cinema movie times playing the movies  in the original version with Italian subtitles.

Here’s the complete list of Italian and original sound cinemas in the city:

Odeon Cinehall

Official website

Piazza Strozzi, 2 | Tel. 39 055 295051

Original Sound films and lots of films in English or with English subtitles!
Price: 7.50 Euro. On Wednesday (all day) and during afternoon (all week long) the price is 5.50 Euro.

One of the best, most beautiful cinemas in town, and definitely the best for watching original sound films.Located in one of the ‘poshest’ squares of Florence, the interior design and the architecture of this cinema are really particular and interesting. It opened in 1922 as an art nouveau cinema and theater. It has remained the same ever since, with velvet curtains and a stained glass domeWe definitely recommend this place!

Cinema Fulgor

Official website

Via Maso Finiguerra, 24r | Tel. 055 238 1881

The last multi-hall cinema in the center of Flornece, with 5 screens! Mercurio, Marte, Giove, Nettuno and Venere. Price: 7.5 Euro. On Wednesdays, tickets are reduced price: 5 euro. Films in original language on Thursdays.

The British Institute

Official website

Lungarno Guicciardini, 9 | Tel. 39 055 2677 81

Films (usually in English) are introduced every Wednesday, screened at 8:00, and followed by a light discussion.

The cost is 5 euro for membership, and 5 euro per ticket. Membership is free for British Institute students and library members (they have an amazing library!).

Deutsches Institut Florenz

Borgo Ognissanti, 9 | Tel. 055 215 993

Original, German language films, as well as lectures and meetings.

Institut Francais de Florence

Official website

Piazza Ognissanti, 2 Tel. 39 0552718801

Original, French language films, as well as lectures and meetings.

Istituto Niels Stensen

Official website

Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni, 25 | Tel. 055 576551

A cultural foundation run by a group of young people, all under 30. Films, lectures and meetings in Italian, on important and/or controversial films from around the world. Membership is 10 euro, and each ticket is 3.50 euro.

UCI Cinemas – Via del Cavallaccio

Official website

Via del Cavallaccio, 11 | Information line: 892.960 (costs almost 1 euro/minute!)

Blockbuster films in Italian language. Several cinema halls, with very American architecture and style. If you’re from the U.S., feeling homesick and needing a full immersion in an American Style cinema…go here!It’s better to take a taxi, the Isolotto district is far from the city center…have fun!

Tickets cost 8.30 Euro everyday, 6.20 Euro before 17:55 and on Wednesdays, Tuesday is Femmine contro Maschi (Women vs. Men) with 4 Euro tickets for girls!

UCI Cinemas – I Gigli Mall

Official website

Via San Quirico, 165 Campi Bisenzio, Florence | Tel. (Mall): 055 8969250 (Information line): 892.960 (costs almost 1 eur

14,000 square meters, 16 screens, restaurant, game room, films in 3D! Relax…a very, very American experience…but with blockbuster films in Italian! 8,000 free parking spots! ù

Take a bus or taxi as this mall is outside the city center!

Tickets cost 8 euro everyday, 6 euro on Wednesdays, and Tuesday is D-Day (Donna (Woman’s) Day!) with 4 euro tickets!

Astra 2

Official website

Piazza Beccaria | Tel. 055 234 3666

Blockbuster films in Italian. Price is 7.50 Euro everyday, 5.50 Euro on Wednesdays.