Florence Tours By The Famous Francesca Papi

Francesca Papi, of "Fantastic Florence", has organized several beautifully unique and fun tours to offer you in collaboration with studentsVille!


Vinaino Tour

Discovering Markets, Popular Traditions, and Antique Wine Shops.

Would you like to taste the flavours of Florence, discover the traditions and humanity of the city through the eyes of the local people, and, most of all...isn't it the right time for a couple glasses of wine?


Oltrarno Tour

Towers, Spirituality, Crafts and Good Wine

The Oltrarno Tour will introduce you to the left bank of the Arno river, which is the most typical and genuine part of Florence, where many craftsmen still have their shops today. We will walk along the narrow streets near the Ponte Vecchio and look up at the medieval towers that once crowded the city.

Medieval Tour

Tower Houses, Powerful Guilds, Ancient Jails, and Mendicant Orders 

Florence is widely known as the cradle of the Renaissance. However, it was in the Middle Ages that the seeds for the flowering of Renaissance Art in the 15th century were laid. The Medieval tour of Florence will let you discover the deepest soul of the city, with its towers, ancient and powerful guilds, and the old town prisons. We’ll stroll around the district where Dante Alighieri used to live, Orsanmichele Church, the Bargello Palace and the Santa Croce area (we also visit the interior of the church).


Renaissance Frescoes Tour

A Celebration of the Rich Families of Florence in Santa Maria Novella and Santa Trinita by Domenico Ghirlandaio

The buon fresco (true fresco) gives the colours great permanence and resistance to aging, as they are an integral part of the wall's surface, rather than a superimposed layer of paint. The fresco medium is very demanding of a painter's technical skill, since he must work fast (while the plaster is wet,) but cannot correct mistakes by painting over.
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