Cafès in Florence

A little bit of an explanation is needed regarding Bars and Cafes in Florence, Italy: If you want a cappuccino, orange juice or cioccolata calda (hot chocolate) then head for a ‘Bar’ (strange but true!).

There, you can have a sandwich or a light snack, but the emphasis is not on having a alcoholic drink as in Anglo-Saxon countries, although you can have a beer if you want one (but Florentines go to the ‘pub’)

.If you want something a bit more relaxing head at one of the cafes in Florence Italy: These are much more chic places where you can sit down, talk, read a newspaper or simply watch the world go by…You can enjoy your coffee at the caffe Gilli Florence, situated in the heart of the historical center, the Gilli caffe Florence, is one of the oldest café in Florence with over 270 years of life and tradition! It is one of the best places to go for a coffee Florence center situated

.It is renowned that the Florence Italy coffee time is a special time for italians also during the most important events and meeting you will hear let’s go for a coffee! Florence is full of Florence coffee shops and although the coffee culture differs from the americanised idea you will find quite a few Firenze coffee cozy places for tourists and locals.

Whether you are looking for cafes in Florence, Italy to sit and relax after a long day of exploring or just dirk a your coffee and feel the familiar comfort food and Wi-Fi and drink your coffee Florence Italy feeling the Dolce vita we have selected the best places for you!

There is not much distinction between the food/drink you can order in a caffé or a bar, but most working Florentines will use a bar for a quick coffee or snack and the caffè for their leisure time…Cafes in Florence, ItalyIn these pages we’ve selected for you the best Cafés in town…


I Dolci di Patrizio Cosi

Official website
Borgo degli Albizi 15/r 50122 Firenze | Tel: 055 2480367

This Italian pasticceria (patisserie, pastry shop) is one of the best in town, for the top quality choice of cakespiespasrties they make every day! The studentsVille staff (who has breakfast there almost every morning) suggests the ‘mythical‘ creminitortine della nonna and the bomboloni al cioccolato, all home made by Patrizio Cosi, a real Renaissance artist in this field. The cappuccinos and traditional espressos are very good! But, the ‘Marocchino‘ coffee is unforgettable! This place is really worth a ‘taste’!



Official website
Viale Europa, 128/130 – 50136 Firenze | Tel: 055 6532117

If you really love coffee you can’t miss this renowned Florentine cafè!Located in the historical Santa Croce district, this cafè is suggested for its high quality, homemade select coffee, fair prices, relaxing atmosphere and interesting architecture inside. Don’t miss it!


Caffè Gilli

Official website
Piazza Repubblica, 36-39r | Tel. 055 2396310.

Gilli dates back at least to 1733, the date engraved on the facade of the building on Via Calzaiuoli, which is believed to be the site of the original café. Some late nineteenth photographs show a Gilli pastry shop in Piazza della Repubblica (at the corner of Via degli Speziali). The firm moved to its current place in the nineteen-twenties, as evident from the perfectly conserved windows and furniture that make this the only surviving Belle �?poque coffee house in Florence today. Because of the “extravagant” prices we suggest only going with your parents!


Caffè Paszkoswski

Official website
Piazza della Repubblica 35 | Tel. 055 210236

Inaugurated in 1907, Caffè Paszkoswski, the property of a Polish businessman, first opened as a beer house in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II (today’s Piazza della Repubblica).It soon became one of the most famous literary coffee bars in town and also became a sort of haven for artists, writers and musicians who dropped in there.Today Caffè Paszkoswski is one of the most renowned café’s in Florence. It’s located next to Gilli Caffé, with which it shares the same, sad record of having the most expensive cappuccino in town.Don’t miss the live piano music they play on hot, summer nights! (Usually with singers or dancers!) Watching from the Piazza is free! 🙂



Official website
Piazza Piantellina, 9r | Tel. 055 284 781

This bar is famous for their chocolate, so much so that it’s better if you make a reservation! (They’re only open after lunch until around midnight).Their biggest specialty is cake! They have won national and international awards for their gourment chocolate masterpieces made by chocolatiers from Italy and Europe!Prices are high (a Hemingway cappuccino with whipped cream, chocolate and a chocolate spoon is €7,00), but definitely an experience you have to have once in a Florence lifetime!


Caffè / Ristorante Pitti

Official website
Piazza Pitti, 9r | Tel. 055 239 9863

Very chic place…very high prices!Costs are justified by the bar’s super-charming location (exactly in front of magnificent Palazzo Pitti) and by the excellent interior design. Try the anything on the menu with truffles!