University of Turin and other Turin Universities

Once you know a little bit about this wonderful city, you will find yourself wanting to study abroad here immediately. Turin, once the capital of Italy, is in Northern Italy and an important center for business and culture. Turin is home to some of Italy’s most famous soccer teams and the birthplace of Italian cinema. If you're looking for a list of University of Torino for International Students you're in the right place.

university of Turin

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This city is home to many students, both Italian and study abroad, offering university level study abroad courses, internships, volunteer work and language programs. Luckily for American students, or those speaking a good level of English, there are many courses taught in English as well.

Some of their most frequented schools include Turin University, Turin University Medicine, International University of College of Turin, Italy and The Polytechnic University of Turin.

Universities and Colleges in Turin

University of Turin

One of Italy’s oldest universities provides not only many programs that covers virtually all fields of study to choose from, but also a good amount of University of Turin Courses in English including, but not limited to, business management, economics and European law studies.

It is one of the largest universities, spanning all over the city of Turin in 120 different buildings. An entirely reliable university that is traditional yet innovative. The University of Turin ranking is usually very good on an overall level. The University of Turin ranking in 2018 was #597 overall out of more than 1000 schools.

In addition to its undergraduate courses that you have found above, there is the University of Turin Medical School. The University of Turin Medicine, is more competitive than other programs, requiring all of the correct prerequisites as well as a passing grade on a mandatory and competitive entrance exam.

The University of Turin medicine in English is a complete course load taught in English and requires at least a B2 level of English.  

If you are an international student you can apply here: The University of Turin International Students Application

Polytechnic University of Turin

Polytechnic University of Turin

          Course list by Language

The first technical school in Italy, highly recognized for their study, research and services in the fields of engineering and architecture. Respected, not only in Italy, but internationally.  Through the above link you will find the courses that they offer divided by language including English, Spanish and Italian. The Polytechnic University of Turin ranking was #387 of over 1000 universities.

If you have finished your BA and looking to further your education in Turin, have a look at the Polytechnic University of Turin Masters Programs (by language).

 International University College of Turin Italy

International University College of Turin, Italy

The International University of Turin is one of the Turin Colleges that focuses on the critical study of law and finance. A fairly new school, established in 2006, that follows an IUC curriculum focusing on the economic and anthropological dimensions of legal problems. They offer one post-graduate program lasting 12 months with an optional year long research period, in comparative law, economics and finance.


University of Turin courses in english

Studying at the University of Turin allows you to attend courses entirely in English: in fact, since September 2017, you can choose to enroll for a Business & Management undergraduate degree (three years) or for a Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies undergraduate degree (five years). Both taught entirely in English. Since more a long time there have been also several postgraduate degrees in English:

  • Area and Global Studies for International Cooperation.
  • Business Administration.
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology.
  • Economics, European Legal Studies.
  • Materials Science.
  • Molecular Biotechnology.
  • Quantitative Finance and Insurance.
  • Stochastics and Data Science.
  • Medicine and Surgery.

And then again, you can also find courses with a curriculum in English language:

  • Agricultural Science.
  • Animal nutrition and Feed Safety.
  • English and American Studies.
  • Food Systems.
  • International curriculum in English language of the degree in Viticulture and Enology Sciences.
  • Philosophy.

For other colleges and universities in Turin, follow this link: Study in Turin