Turin Masters: Helping you find the right Program

Turin takes pride in being home to some of the best universities in Italy, one being the University of Turin, which has been around for 615 years.

Turin is a city that offers a strong concentration in business, as well as culture and beauty. Getting a masters means that you have decided to hone in on a skill and specialize in a field of your choice, so why not do it while looking at the beautiful alps.

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Here we have narrowed it down to two universities that offer a plethora of masters programs in English: University of Turin Masters in English and Polytechnic University of Turin Masters.

Turin Masters

Turin University Masters (or the University of Turin)

This famous school is one of the largest in all of Italy, providing courses in every field of study besides engineering and architecture and offers 19 different University of Turin English masters programs which include but not limited to:

  • Business International Admin Edition
  • Clinical & Surgical Micro Endodontics
  • International Trade Law
  • World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development
  • ...and many more.

Visit the link above to view the complete list of University of Turin masters programs offered in both languages. To narrow it down to University of Turin masters programs English, just switch the language to English and it will filter them out for you.

Polytechnic University of Turin Masters

Focusing mainly, but not only, on engineering and architecture, this is Italy’s oldest technical school. And while they offer many undergrad programs to choose from, such as history of art, they only offer masters in the fields of engineering and architecture. Click the link above to see an entire list of the masters that they offer in Italian, English and Spanish or click the link below to see those they offer completely in English.