Irish, English, Scottish, German Pubs & Breweries in Florence

Irish, English, Scottish, German Pubs & Breweries in Florence In the last few years, the quality of beer in Florence (and Italy in general) has greatly improved thanks to the opening of several high-quality, real Irish, English and German breweries.
But, beer here is just not the same as abroad (like in Austria, Germany or Ireland, for example). If you're a real beer fan (like our friend Jimmy "five bellies") you might be a little bit disappointed. To make you feel better, we can assure you that a lot of pubs in Florence are really very nice from an architectural point of that just small consolation? Ok, let's go to drink to forget!

For personal recommendation of the best pubs in Florence please contact our staff!

Old Stove Signoria

Piazza della Signoria 30r | Tel +39 055 295232
Situated in the heart of Florence, beautiful Piazza della Signoria, Old Stove Signoria provides you with live music, Florence's most famous Karaoke night (Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday nights at 10), a large selection of international beers, fantastic cocktails and an atmosphere that will make you feel at home wherever you're from!

Happy hour is from Sunday to Thursday 6-9, $1 = ‚?¨1 on Tuesdays, Wednesday is ladies night with drink specialsthey play sports matches on their three, big screen TVs, and there's a large terrace to kick back and spend your day relaxing with a pint in the sun.

Old Stove Porcellino

Via Pellicceria, 2/4/6 | Tel: 055 284640
One of the best corners in Florence for a good Guinness. The problem is, that inside, there is very little, you'll probably be forced to drink your beer outside on the covered patio with flat screen TVS, or on the stairs of the beautiful surrounding buildings, which could be a great way to experience the real Renaissance atmosphere!

The Lion's Fountain

Borgo degli Albizi, 34/r | Tel: 055 2344412
One of the most popular Irish pub's (or going out spots in general) in town, where you'll find almost every young foreigner in Florence,  along with a wide selection of good Irish beers (Guinness, Kilkenny, Harp, etc.).

The atmosphere inside is very fun; bring your university shirt to tack on their ceiling, or watch the most important international sport events on satellite TV. Moreover, enjoy the small outdoor patio, or space in the giant piazza out front, live music, breakfast, muffins, bagels and sandwiches.

The William Pub

Via Magliabechi, 7/9/11r | Tel: 055-2638357
Close to Piazza Santa Croce with a very good selection of classic beer. You can even listen good,  live music and eat something (like sandwiches or a hot aperitivo) in perfect harmony with the real English tradition.

Typical English furnishings and well-patronized with a nice mix of Italians and foreigners. Very crowded on weekends, but there's lot of space outside on the large, covered terrace!

James Joyce

Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini, 1 | Tel: 055 658 0856
Thanks to its big courtyard, location along the river, foosball and darts, the JJ is a perfect place for your summer nights! But, even in the wintertime, you can spend nice soirée in the warm atmosphere of this culturally-oriented Irish pub. A busy place, but with a friendly, relaxed staff and crowd, which can be hard to find in Florence!

Braumeister Birreria

Via Della Madonna della Tosse 12r Firenze | Tel: 055 5000822
One of the only Bavarian/German pubs in town and definitely the coolest! Foreigners don't know about it, because it's a bit off the beaten track, so it's full of local students and citizens. Great home-brewed beer, ‚?¨8 buffet lunch, and a full German restaurant! Absolutely recommended by our staff!

Kikuya Pub

Via de‚?? Benci, 43 red | 055 2344879
If you like a classic pub feel, then Kikuya is the place for you. Located right in the heart of Piazza Santa Croce, Kikuya is a dark set, "English" pub in Florence. On any night, you're bound to see loads of study abroad students here (mostly Americans), especially on Tuesdays, when you have the opportunity to win free drinks from stickers under your glass. On soccer game days, however you'll find a bunch of Italians watching the flat screen TVs. They're also particularly known, among Italians and foreigners, for their Dragoon Beer (pictured above) which has an incredible 10% alcohol content. Little secret: you can ask for a Kikuya Gold Card, and if you put 20 beers on it you get a free t-shirt! Kikuya is tiny, and can get a bit crowded, but it's one of the best places in Florence to hit for an amazing "pub" atmosphere.

Birreria Centrale

Piazza Cimatori 1/r | Tel. +39 055 211915
Very nice location, if you are strolling around the city center, this is a nice place for a "Pint Stop" ! ;) It has a reasonably priced restaurant serving typical Italian and Barvarian dishes popular with locals and foreigners alike and great, home-brewed, unfiltered beer!

Birreria Artigianale Il Bovaro

Via Pisana, 3r | Tel. 055 2207057
A very nice Italian/Bavarian restaurant and brewery with good, home-brewed beer. Located in an area full of cool restaurant and pizzerias just in front of one of the old doors into Florence, "Porta San Frediano." Recommended by our staff (even if the prices are quite high).

The Fiddler's Elbow

Piazza Santa Maria Novella 7/R | Tel: 055 215056
This pub is one of the most popular in town, for people of all ages and nationalities. Very close to the railway station and surrounded by many low cost hotels, this pub represents a very Irish Oasis in the middle of a crowded and chaotic district. Happy hour with ‚?¨4 pints every day from 12-9! Beer to choose: Guinness!
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