What to do in Padua from Day to Night: The Theater, Clubs, Culture, Cinema and Day Trips

If you are going to visit Padua, you will soon come to find that what to do in Padua is worth discovering. So, what is there to do in Padua? The city of Padua has everything you can ask for in a city: it’s small and sweet (easily walkable), in close proximity to other Italian cities and has a rich history that fits perfectly with the everyday life that includes the movies, theatre and a fun nightlife.  If you want to know what to do in Padua in one day, take some of these suggestions and then visit our Padua Culture page for a more extensive list.

what to do in padua

Padua Cinemas:

Keep in mind, Padua is less frequented by tourists than other major Italian cities, so you won’t find many movies in English. However, it’s not impossible to find. Check out Cinema Porto Astra first and look for V.O. (original version) which means it’s in English.

Padua Theater:

Teatro Verdi Padua

Via dei Livello, 32

€8-29 per ticket

Built in 1751 and seating 700 theatre goers, you can see dance, concerts, plays, operas and children theatre here.

Padua Clubs and Discos:

Q Bar

Vicolo dei Dotto, 3

Wed & Weekend Open until 4AM. Thurs & Sunday Open until 1AM. Closed Mondays.

Start the night here with a cocktail and end the night on the dance floor!


Zanellato Lounge Cafe

Via dei Fabbri, 22

Mon-Sat 4PM-2AM

Open since 1962. This student oriented bar is full of good times, good prices and a lot of dancing. Don’t forget to get your Zanellato Card- Buy 10 drinks and get one for free.


Big Club

Via Armistizio, 68

Fri-Sun 8:30PM-3AM

Open for more than 30 years, this club takes pride in its fun themed music nights and if you get hungry, you can get pizza all night! Have your private party here on Sundays.


Extra Extra

Via Giacomo Ciamician, 5

“Shake it off & Be Yourself” - we think that’s a great quote to live by. Don’t take our word for it, go try it out!


Modo Club Padova

Via Montà, 49

Wed. 11PM-4AM  Fri & Sat 11PM-4AM

Combine themed parties and International DJs playing house and commercial music and you’ve got yourself one hell of a good time.  


Pride Village

Via Niccolò Tommaseo, 59

Open from June-September Wed & Thurs 7:30PM-2AM Fri 7:30PM-4AM Sat 7:30PM-5AM

You are lucky if you are in Padova during the Summer. All welcome to the Pride Village!! Enjoy this mini village in the center of Padova full of food, bars and a dance floor. Experience all kinds of events going on throughout. Check out the website for the full schedule.

What to see and do in Padua, Italy

Padua Duomo (Padua Dome) - a Padua must do! The main Roman Catholic Church in Padua and the seat of the Bishop. The outside facade was never finished after being reconstructed many times, but the inside is worth the visit!

Padua: Donatello - He who shaped the art of the 15th century. Discovered and started the use of bronze for statues. Worked in Padua for 10 years and created the crucifix, equestria statue and the high altar. Put it on your list of “What to do in Padua in a day!”

What to do Around Padua

Padua to Dolomites: If you are renting a car to get around the Veneto area of Italy, then you can reach the Dolomites within 2-3 hours depending on which city you decide to stop in. Otherwise, you can reach Belluno or Calalzo di Cadore by train from Padua. Enjoy the Dolomites during all of the seasons, but especially during the winter for our ski enthusiasts!