University of Padua: Course list, English courses, Masters

The University of Padua history goes far back into the early years of modern Europe and is one of the oldest schools in Italy.

The school was founded in 1222 by a group of students and teachers that came to Padua from Bologna to start a more liberal way of studying.

So it would only make sense that the University of Padua logo stands for “Liberty of Padova, Universally & for All.” It first started primarily as a law school and quickly began to include other majors such as astronomy, philosophy and medicine.

The University of Padua Medical School began in 1399 and remains one of the traditional fields of the university. University of Padua Medicine can be considered in many ways the birthplace of modern medicine.

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The school has 8 schools, 32 departments, 49 specialization schools and 43 research & service departments after expanding tremendously after WWII and is still considered one of the best universities in Italy and in Europe. The University of Padua, Italy World Ranking is #249 out of over 1,200 universities and the University of Padua ranking on a national level is #2.

This school also has an impressive list of University of Padua alumni, including but not limited to, Andrea Vesalius, the founder of modern anatomy, Astronomers, Copernicus and Galileo and in 1678 Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia was the first woman to graduate with a university degree.

University of Padua Masters – Course List

University of Padua PhD – Course List

For a full list of Masters programs and PhD courses that the University of Padua offers, click on the links above. For example, The University of Padua Psychology School offers both undergraduate, masters and PhD programs including some in English. Same with The University of Padua Physics School offering both masters and PhD courses completely in English.

For a list of all English courses including undergraduate look here: University of Padua – Courses in English

For the rest of the courses available including those in Italian click here: University of Padua – Entire Course List

University of Padua Library for a list of their many libraries pertaining to every course.

Padua University Tour If you are interested in taking a tour of the school, then you have the option of taking one of 4 tours that they offer. A University of Padua guided tour can consist of seeing Palazzo Bo, the Hall of Giants, La Specola and the University of Padua botanical garden.  This was the first ever botanical garden ever to be run by a university and still in great shape up until this very day and absolutely worth the visit.

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University of Padua Address: Via 8 Febbraio 1848, 2, 35122 Padova, PD