What to see in Padova in One Day: Culture, Museums, Monuments

If you have ever read or seen Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” then you might be familiar with the city name, Padua. Otherwise, you probably don’t have much knowledge of this quaint and beautiful Italian city just west of Venice.

Precisely why we have created this guide of what to see and do in Padova, Italy. We have created it on the basis of “What to see in Padova in one day” as most visits to this city only last that long, as it is small.

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Everything that we have added to the list is within walking distance, the beauty of a small city. If you have time to spare, take a stroll along the river from Via Goito until you reach the Museo La Specola. Discover what to do in Padua.

Padova: What to See

Padua Museums and Padua Monuments:

Basilica di Sant’Antonio

Piazza del Santo, 11, 35123 Padova PD

Admire this Paduan church that has become a standout monument in this city, with its 8 different domes and towers on the outside and inside adorned with frescoes and gold and marble fixtures.

Musei Civici (City Museums)

In Piazza Eremitani you will find a complex of buildings where you can visit the Archaeological museum, the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art and the Scrovegni Chapel.

Scrovegni Chapel

Built in 1305, the interior of this chapel was designed by Giotto who also created the famous Florence Campanile. One of the best things to see in Padova.

Padua Duomo

Located in Piazza Duomo you will find the main church of Padua. It was once destroyed by an earthquake, but later rebuilt. Don’t be fooled by its exterior, as the interior is worth the visit.

Prato della Valle

One of the largest squares (actually it's ovular in shape) in all of Italy. Here you can sit and relax near the small canal lined with 90 different statues of all of the important figures of Padua.

Palazzo della Ragione

Erected in 1218, this was once the city assembly hall and palace of justice of Padua. In between Piazza dei Frutti and Piazza delle Erbe, you will find one of the largest Medieval halls in the world along with a market on the bottom floor.

Piazza dei Signori

One of Padua’s main squares, you will find shops, restaurants and homes all centered around the clock tower.

Padua Tours - What to see around Padova

Padua to Venice Boat Cruise

For something different, you can take a small boat cruise on the Brenta Canal all the way to Venice for the day.

City Sightseeing Bus

To see all of Padova in an easy and affordable way, consider taking the hop on-hop off bus and get on and off as you please.

Free Walking Tours: Padua

A good option to see Padua with a tour guide. We suggest trying their botanical gardens walking tour.

Padua Exhibitions & Padua Fairs

For all special exhibitions and fairs going on in Padua, check out the link above to see what will be there during your visit.