Padua Restaurants: Typical foods and Best Places to Eat

Eating out in Padua can be classified by its simplicity and its quality. Most Padua, Italy restaurants use only the freshest ingredients bought directly from the markets in Piazza dei Frutti and Piazza delle Erbe. Most menus even include Padua typical food, that dates back to Medieval times, including hen meat boiled with vegetables, mixed boiled meats, rice & peas and pasta & beans. Discover our guides about the best food in Padua: where to eat in Padua; restaurants in Padua on the go/budget friendly; what food Padua is known for; where do locals eat in Padua .

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Where to eat in Padua

Paduan cuisine has a long tradition, so eating well in Padua is like a local pride, a joy. I mean, if you're in Padua and you're looking for a place to eat, you're spoiled for choice: streetfood, restaurants, trattorias, osterias.

There are plenty of Padua restaurants to choose from, but we’ve tried to narrow it down giving you choices for all budgets, tastes and preferences.

Padua Restaurants the list:

Ristorante Belle Parti

Via Belle Parti, 11

Mon-Sat 12-2:30PM 7-11:30PM

This is for the fancy romantics who are looking for a special night out. Make sure you reserve and dress up to enjoy their menu made up of mainly seafood and very interesting appetizers.


Osteria L'Anfora Facebook Page

Via dei Soncin, 13

Mon - Sat 12-3PM 7-11PM

Enjoy “home cooked” meals at this informal restaurant that you will most likely find filled with students and professors from the nearby university.


Pizzeria Trattoria Piave

Riviera Paleocapa, 24

Open every night for dinner except Mondays. Open for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

A simply delicious family run restaurant packed with pizzas, pastas and meats. Try the fixed menu!


Al Duomo Pizzeria

Via San Gregorio Barbarigo, 18

Tues-Sun 6PM-12AM Closed Mondays.

Some of the best pizza that Padua has to offer. Choose from over 50 different types of pizzas, just don’t expect award winning service (trust us, it’s still worth it).


Ristorante Zaramella

Largo Europa, 9

Mon-Fri 12:30PM-2:30PM Mon-Fri 7:30PM-10:30 Closed Sundays.

Given “Two Forks” by Michelin Guide for overall comfort and quality of the restaurant. Open since 1856, this traditional Italian restaurant serves up a menu comprised of both meat and fish options. Try their lunch menu starting at €10.


Ai Navigli

Riviera Tiso, 11

Mon-Wed 7PM-12AM Thurs-Sun 12PM-2:30PM 7PM-12AM

Do not come here if you are not in the mood for seafood, as that is all you will find on their menu. Offering a la carte as well as tasting menus. Suggested to reserve first.


Dotto Del Bollito

Via Giovanni Randaccio, 4

Tues-Sat 12:30PM-2:15 7:45-10 Sundays 12:30-2:15PM Closed Mondays

One of the best restaurants near Padua is just a 14 min car ride away and completely worth it. The menu is packed with all of the typical Padua main dishes among other great options as well as choices for vegetarians.

Restaurants in Padua on the go/budget friendly:

La Folperia

Piazza della Frutta

Tues-Thurs 4:30-8:30PM Fri & Sat 4:30-9PM Sundays- 4:30-8PM Closed Mondays.

You won’t miss this seafood truck located in the piazza. It will most likely be crowded by locals and visitors alike.

Dalla Zita

Via Gorizia, 12

Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM Closed Sundays.

A delicious and popular panino shop. There are no tables so grab your panino and even a glass of wine and take it outside to enjoy.


Via Marsala, 9

Mon-Sat 5PM-2AM Sundays 5PM-12AM

A favorite Padua local restaurant. Extremely and caters to mainly students looking for that late night bite. Serving up delicious pizzas and burgers!

What food is Padua known for

Padua is a city famous for its its culinary tradition. When in Padua, you can taste many delicious typical dishes.

Risotto con i Rovinassi

"Risotto con i Rovinassi" is among the typical dishes of Paduan cuisine, it is the risotto with chicken livers, better known as risotto with "rovinassi".

Oca in onto Padovana

Boneless goose meat, salted and preserved in goose fat, pork fat or oil.
The slaughtered goose is cut into whole pieces, the bones and skin removed and placed in salt for two days, dried by the fire in the fireplace and placed in enamelled earthenware containers, immersed in overlapping layers in the melted goose fat, or pork fat or oil, in such a way that no air remains inside the earthenware, which is hermetically sealed; the meat must be matured for at least one month before consumption.


Fresh spaghetti pasta made with flour, eggs, water and salt. In  "bigoli mori" or "bigoi neri" variant, wholemeal or cuttlefish black flour is used. Product of peasant tradition in use since the times of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

Gran bollito alla Padovana

It is said that even Galileo was fond of mixed boiled granite, a typical dish prepared with beef, cotechino and chicken flavoured with mustard, green sauce or cren.

Riso/tagliatelle in brodo d'anatra

The duck has become an important source of sustenance for the people of Padua, especially during the war. Today its meat has become the protagonist of many traditional local recipes: riso in brodo d'anatra and tagliatelle in brodo d'anatra, above all.

Where do locals eat in Padua

Osteria dei Fabbri

Via Fabbri, 13, 35122 Padua

Typical local of the Venetian tradition, "poor" dishes presented with taste and excellent palate enjoyment. Kindness and helpfulness of all the staff, ideal for a lunch in good company! Recommended to book as it is a very popular place.

Ristorante da Giovanni

Via Pietro Maroncelli, 22, 35129 Padua

Typical restaurant where you can taste traditional dishes: trolley of vegetables but especially boiled and roasted meat. Wide choice.

Osteria dal Capo

Via Obizzi, 2, 35122 Padua

The perfect example of Venetian tavern: simple dishes, enhancement of the raw materials of the territory, local bulk wine that flows in liters.


Largo Europa, 10 - 35137 Padua

Since 1856 "Antica Trattoria Zaramella" has been one of the most important landmarks of the restaurant in Padua. For decades it has enjoyed the recognition of the most appreciated gastronomic experts and the most accredited guides.

Osteria ai Scarponi

Via Cesare Battisti, 138, 35121 Padua

Small and intimate restaurant, located near the wonderful Basilica of Sant'Antonio. The menu offers typical dishes of the Venetian/Padua tradition and changes every 15 days.

Trattoria da Pippo

Via Gattamelata, 80, 35128 Padua

Homemade and quality cuisine, you have to book a bit in advance because it is easy to find full.