Italian Language Schools in Florence

Can you hardly distinguish 'che bella' (how beautiful!) from 'che palle' (what a pain in the a**!)? Do you somehow end up with a 'birra alla spina' (draft beer) when you want a 'birra in bottiglia' (bottled beer)? And what is the difference between 'caffé macchiato', 'caffé corretto' and 'cappuccino'?! Still fumbling through introducing yourself to a cute Italian?  I think you're ready for some Italian lessons!

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Centro Machiavelli

Via dei Bardi, 28 Florence | Tel +39 055 2396966 | Fax +39 055 280800


Centro Machiavelli, the world-renowned Italian language school in Florence, has been providing students from all over the world with edifying leading-edge Italian language classes and enriching cultural experiences ever since 1978. Founded by a group of committed teachers, this one-of-a-kind school started providing carefully crafted Italian language courses, and operating as a vibrant educational hub, in the Santo Spirito neighbourhood. Read more.


InFlorence Academy

Piazza Santo Spirito 9, Firenze -  TEL: 055 213030 - EMAIL:

InFlorence Academy provides top quality professional language teaching since 1958 and is the first State-recognized Italian language school in Florence. Discover more about our Academy.

InFlorence Academy is located in the very historic centre of Florence, in the heart of Piazza Santo Spirito, surrounded by typical trattorias, cafes and traditional artisans’ workshops: 11 classrooms, a library and learning center with a wide range of Italian learning resources - from traditional grammar exercises to online programmes -, a large conference room, a relaxing student lounge and a wonderful sun terrace.

InFlorence Academy teaches the language you need to communicate in real life, so you will have the possibility to improve your fluency and accuracy with activities based on real communication.

Studying at InFlorence Academy is a fantastic opportunity to learn both inside and outside the classroom: because, in addition to your new language skills, you can embark on a personal journey of exploration in the magnificent city of Florence and its numerous artistic and architectural treasures thanks to its free guided tours, meetings and aperitivi. Read more

Scuola Leonardo-Florence

Via Maurizio Bufalini, 3, 50122 Florence | Tel +39 055 261181 / +39 055 290305 |


Scuola Leonardo is present in not only Florence but also in Milan, Rome, Siena and Viareggio. Offering courses in Italian, prep courses for exams as well as art and fashion courses, among others.

The school is located just steps away from the Duomo and also offers organized events allowing you to fully immerse yourself in not only the language but the Italian culture, more specifically, the culture you will find in Florence.


Scuola Parola

Borgo Santa Croce 17, 50122 Florence | Tel +39 055 242182 |


At Scuola Parola, they become like family. Allowing you to learn the Italian language in whichever way is comfortable for you. There are group classes and private lessons available and they are very flexible with times.

Scuola Parola is located right in the center of everything in the Santa Croce area. Join in activities to further your language skills and get to know your surroundings and the people of this small and beautiful city.

*Certified CILS testing center.


Europass Italian Language School

Via Sant'Egidio 12, 50122 Florence | Tel +39 055 234 5802 |


Europass is another language school in Florence designed to offer all levels/types of classes to make learning Italian as comfortable as possible. Beyond just courses for learning Italian, they also offer combination courses such as cooking + Italian, so you learn the language through a skill.

Located in the middle of Santa Croce and the Duomo, you will find this beautiful school to be a lively one with students of all ages. If you are just passing through on vacation, they have a course for you. If you are working too much and want to take a class online, they have a course for you. The options are endless at Europass.

*If you are still unsure about committing to lessons, be sure to check out their website for great resources to teach yourself some Italian in the meantime.