Fine Arts & Restoration Schools in Florence

Florence is surely one of the best places to find inspiration to create your own works of art and possible masterpieces in the fields of drawing, painting, fresco and sculpture. It’s no coincidence that Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Brunelleschi and Botticelli, Giotto, Donatello all lived or worked here. Or, if you’re not an exceptional artist yourself, you can always take a restoration course to help conserve what other legends have left behind!
Choose the best school for you and let your fantasy soar

Accademia Riaci – Art, Design, Language Arts, Culinary Arts


Via de’ Conti, 4 – 50129 Firenze
Phone: +39 055 289 831
Fax: +39 055 212 791

Accademia Riaci is an Academy of Art and Design in the heart of Florence, Italy – Europe’s eternal capital of the Renaissance – founded in 1983 by our Honorary President and Italy’s leading jewelry artisan & sculptor, Maestro Raymond Riachi.

Courses include painting, restoration and drawing, in addition to interior, product, graphic and fashion design, leather working, jewelry, ceramics, glass work, cooking, and Italian language.

The Maestro’s mission was to enlighten young artists with a blend of classical and the latest ultra modern techniques, challenging each student to fully develop their artistic potential, creativity, and originality.

Lorenzo De’ Medici Italian International Institute


Via Faenza, 43 – 50123 Firenze, Italia
Ph: +39 055 283142 / +39 055 287203 / +39 055 287360
Fax: +39 055 289514 / +39 055 2398920

30 years of International Education

Founded in 1973, the school was one of the very first in Florence to specialize in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language. Situated right in the historic centre and housed in a former convent dating back to the medieval period (the adjacent thirteenth century church of San Jacopo Corbolini is integrated into the school complex) the LdM provides a wide range of modern conveniences such as a cafeteria, air-conditioning, reading/computer rooms and an attractive courtyard garden.

In affiliation with The Art Institute of Florence, we offer a wide range of Studio Art courses at all levels including fine art restoration, painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media, in addition to interior, graphic and fashion design, fashion marketing and merchandising, jewelry design, printmaking, ceramics, photography, theater, music, dance, cooking, film and multimedia.

The school guarantees high-quality teaching and services provided: we are authorized by the MINISTRY OF PUBLIC EDUCATION and are members of the following associations and federations: ASILS, FEDE, FIYTO, EAIE, ALTO, ELIA.

SACI Studio Art Center International


Via Sant’Antonino, 11 – 50123 Firenze, Italy
Phone: +39 055 289 948
Fax: +39 055 2776 408

Courses in sculpture, drawing, painting, fresco painting, conservation of art, murals and archeological artifacts,  as well as many other in the fine, performance, visual, liberal and decorative arts, design, and Italian language.

SACI’s mission is to provide a unique, life-enhancing study-abroad experience in the center of Florence for students of both traditional and contemporary studio arts and design by offering:

  • Direct access to centuries of Florentine and Italian culture;
  • A wide range of art and design studio and complementary academic courses of outstanding quality;
  • The opportunity to be part of an institution engaged in leading areas of research and exploration;
  • The unparalleled opportunity to interact with the Florentine community through a variety of social and humanitarian programs

Institute Palazzo Spinelli – Restoration Institute in Florence


Via Maggio, 13 – 50125 Florence (Italy)
Phone: +39 055 213086 – 282951
Fax: +39 055 217963

The Institute (projected in 1976 by Francesco Amodei) has been active in the restoration sector since 1978 both as a centre for the education, specialization and professional updating, as well as a restoration and consulting centre for public and private entities.
With our thirty years experience and the more than 1200 activated courses (and in the specific field of restoration more than 12000 restoration treatments), the Institute has earned national and international recognition for “excellence in the field.”

Restoration classes include: paper, murals, ceramics, stone artifacts, archeological finds, paintings, ancient wood, glass, waxworks, weapons and bindings.

La Bottega dell’Acquaforte – Design School in Florence


Via Chiantigiana, 3r – 50126 Firenze
Phone: +39 055 6820668
Cell: +39 338 3490895
Fax: +39 055 6820668

Workshop “La Bottega dell’Acquaforte” of Master Massimo Baicchi was born in Florence in the ’80’s as an Atelier. Here, study, research, mystical concentration and emotional expression concur to form the inspiration that produces a “Work of art“.

In the atelier, Baicchi produces works of drawing still life, charcoal, figure painting, graphics, water color, tempera color and oil color paintings, sculpture, as well as restoration of wood, tela, picture frames and ceramics, in addition to ceramic work, printing, etching, and engraving.

The office “La Bottega dell’Acquaforte” of Florence is its own artisan workshop carrying out paintings, frames, frescoes, ceramics and printings on demand.

Firenze Arte Visive – School of Fine Arts


Borgo Santa Croce, 8 – 50122 Florence
Phone: (+39) 055 246 6868
Mobile: (+39) 334 902 9153
Fax: (+39) 055 246 6868

Firenze Arti Visive School of Fine Arts was shaped by artists as an innovative studio arts and Italian culture program bringing forth new ideas and different approaches to living and learning in Florence, Italy. Through our dynamic exhibitions and visiting artists programs, we educate and encourage students who will become working artists of significance in local and global culture.

We offer courses in painting, drawing, and sketching, in addition to printmaking, etching, lithography, letterpress, hand press, book works, typography, Italian studies and language, video, photography, and digital media.

Scuola di restauro ‘La Cantoria’ – Restoration School

*Website in Italian only 


Via Italo Piccagli, 5 – 50015 Grassina (Firenze)
Phone: +39 055 64 42 16
Fax: +39 055 64 42 16

Fondata nel 1989 dalla restauratrice Paola Morelli, La Cantoria è una scuola di restauro che fornisce una preparazione adeguata e specialistica a chi intende occuparsi professionalmente del restauro. A La Cantoria le lezioni pratiche di restauro costituiscono l’insegnamento fondamentale.
Le metodologie di restauro insegnate sono quelle indicate dai laboratori di Enti pubblici.

Gli allievi operano direttamente su materiale antico originale proveniente da musei e collezioni private.

Università Internazionale dell’Arte

*Website in Italian
Via delle Forbici, 24/26
Phone: +39 055 570 216 / 571 503
Fax: +39 055 570 508

L’Università Internazionale dell’Arte (U.I.A.) ha iniziato la sua attività nel 1970 dopo le tragiche esperienze delle alluvioni di Firenze e Venezia.
L’istituzione, unica al mondo, ha per scopo:

– insegnare i provvedimenti resi necessari dalla crisi ecologica che investe tutti i paesi del mondo e minaccia di distruzione o di gravi danni gli ambienti, i monumenti, le opere d’arte del passato storico dell’umanità e della civiltà contemporanea;

– usare i mezzi più moderni offerti dallo sviluppo scientifico e tecnologico per la conoscenza, la conservazione e il restauro dei beni artistici e culturali e la loro integrazione attiva nella cultura del nostro tempo.

– In oltre 30 anni di attività l’U.I.A. ha specializzato e qualificato circa 120 iscritti ogni anno, provenienti da tutti i paesi del mondo.

Florence Academy of Art


Via della Casine, 21/R – 50122
Phone: +39 055 245 444
Fax: +39 055 234 3701

The Florence Academy of Art was founded in 1991 by Daniel Graves to provide the highest level of instruction in classical drawing, painting and sculpture.

Graves’ vision of the Academy is its potential to train a select group of highly skilled realist painters and sculptors.

His philosophy, which underlies the Academy’s curriculum and method of instruction, demands a return to discipline in art, to canons of beauty, and to the direct study of nature and the Old Masters as the foundation for great painting and sculpture. Under his direction, the Academy is a source of stimulation and healthy competition, in which an internationally varied group of students receives training from professional painters of different nationalities, in a city renowned for its artistic past.

Studio Giambo – School of Ceramics, Art, Languages and Italian Culture

Corso de Tintori n°6 – Firenze
Phone: +39 333 934 4636
Mobile: +39 328 902 6437

Studio Giambo, a cultural Association, was founded in Florence in 1976 by a group of Italian and foreign artists with the aim of promoting the development of research in art, particularly in the field of Ceramics and Traditional Florentine fine arts.

Studio Giambo offers a wide variety of art courses in historic downtown Florence, for beginners, intermediate and advanced. First class facilities, andinstruction by qualified, certified professionals. Classes are in small groups, which ensures in-depth study of subject chosen in an ideal instructor-student team-work atmosphere.

Studio Giambo has over 35 years of research and teaching in the field of traditional Florentine arts. Courses offered include drawing, still life, nude, landscape, oil and water color painting and sculpture in addition to techniques of modern mosaic, glass, ceramics, majolica and either Florentine or modern pottery, fashion and Italian language.

Centro Machiavelli


Piazza Santo Spirito, 4 – 50125 Florence
Phone: +39 0552396966
Fax: +39 055280800
Skype: centro.machiavelli

Our programme has individual and group courses varying from one to six months. Days and hours involved will be arranged according to the reciprocal needs of both artists and participants.

We offer painting, drawing, trompe l’oell, sculpture, painting reproduction and restoration in addition to decorative art, cooking, Italian language, music, and history of art classes.

Arte e Carta

Via della Fornace, 28/a – 50125 Firenze
Phone: +39 055 681 1883

Restoration of paper and parchment.

Domus Aurea Restoration School at Convento Francescane

Piazza del Carmine, 21 – 50124 Firenze
Florence Phone: +39 055 281 835
Padua Phone: +39 049 872 2168
(contact the school on Wednesdays from 10.00 to 19.30)

Courses in antiques and restoration.

Cooperativa ‘Emilarte’ Painting School

Via dell’Arcovata 4 at Centro Civico 5 – 50127 Firenze
Phone: +39 055 484 711
Info: Commissione Cultura Quartiere 5 / +39 055 375 200 – 055 317 342

Laboratorio d’Arte ‘Nibe’ Nude painting school

Via Fra Paolo Sarpi, 15/r – 50136 Firenze
Phone: +39 055 677 612