Where to eat and drink, Where to stay, What to See in Cagliari

StudentsVille is here to tell you everything you need to know; what to see in Cagliari, what to see in Cagliari in one day, where to eat in Cagliari, and so much more. This page will give you the ins and outs on what to see and do in Cagliari as well as providing you with Cagliari useful info for those studying in Cagliari and those living in Cagliari.

Below we have listed for you some rooms in Cagliari as well as full apartments in Cagliari, for your traveling or studying abroad needs. We have also provided, for those interested, with an area map, emergency numbers for the area, nearest hospitals, how to get around, where to wash your clothes, the nearest ATMs, best places to eat out, schools and universities in the area and gyms.

Experience some culture in Cagliari with our section on things to see and do in the area, including museums, monuments or tours. For after dinner plans, see what the nightlife in Cagliari is like and what is has to offer for a fun night out.

So, is Cagliari a nice place to visit? Come see for yourself!