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Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia. It is known for its Castle, a fortified medieval quarter on a hill above the rest of the city. Among the architectural attractions is the 13th-century Cagliari Cathedral.
StudentsVille Staff has selected all the Cagliari events to let you feel the true Cagliarian spirit, don't miss our list of best events in Sardinia.

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What’s happening in and around Cagliari

  • Thanks to Mibact’s initiative “Io vado al Museo” Cagliari State museums open free on the first Sunday of the month
  • The long history and the various dominations and influences from outside have contributed to giving the city an important cultural and architectural heritage. So there is always something artistic to see in town. Enjoy our calendar of the best Cagliari events today and you will always know what to do in Cagliari.
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Concerts in Cagliari

Concerts in Cagliari

  • Marlene Kuntz, Fabrik, 18 February 2023

For the Karma Clima tour, Marlene Kuntz will also play at Cagliari's Fabrik on 18 February. In 2022, Marlene Kuntz, one of the historic bands from the Italian independent rock scene, released a new album acclaimed by both the public and critics.
More info, here: Marlene Kuntz's concert at Fabrik - FB event.

  • Micah P. Hinson, Fabrik, 10 March 2023

American folksinger Micah P. Hinson in concert for the first time in Sardinia: on 10 March 2023, he will perform on the Fabrik stage with his band.
Buy the tickets for Micah P. Hinson's concert at Fabrik.

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Festivals, commemorations in Cagliari

  • Sa die de sa Sardigna, April 28th 

Sa die de sa Sardigna is the festival of the Sardinian people that recall the so-called "Sardinian Vespers", that is the popular uprising of 28 April 1794 with which the Piedmontese and the Viceroy Balbiano left Cagliari after the refusal of the government of Turin to meet the demands of the island owner of the Kingdom of Sardinia.