Pizzerie Even if the pizza in Florence is not as good as in Naples, we have selected the best places where you can eat very well and where, at least for the moment, only Florentines go. If you really like pizza you have to visit these 'temples!'
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Pizzeria Le Campane

Borgo La Croce, 85/r Phone 055 2341101

Located in the Sant'Ambrogio district, 'Le Campane' is probably one of the best pizzerias in town! With 130 seats, the Ristorante-Pizzeria can welcome touristic groups of all dimensions.

Pizzeria Santa Lucia

Via Ponte alle Mosse, 102/r. Phone (+39) 055 353 255.

One of the best pizzerias in Florence is located not far from the center. The place is not fancy, but you can taste real Neapolitan Pizza and other typical dishes from southern Italy. It is especially frequented by Florentines, and the prices are really fair. It's necessary to book in advance.

Il Pizzaiuolo

Via dei Macci 113/r. Phone 055 241 171.

In the heart of Florence, this is one of the most appreciated Neapolitan pizzerias in town. The place is really nice and the pizzas are wonderful. Prices are higher than average because of the really central location. Absolutely worth a dinner!! It's necessary to book before going.

Pizzeria Firenze Nova

Via Benedetto Dei, 122 Phone (+39) 055 411 937.

A place far from mass tourism? A place where only Florentines go? A place where pizza and pasta are really excellent? Go to Firenze Nova and you'll find an answer to all these questions! This pizzeria is 10 minutes by taxi from the center, and the atmosphere is really authentic. You'll feel like you're in Naples! You can't miss it. Prices are fair. Book before going.

Danny Rock

Via Pandolfini 13/r Phone (+39) 055 2340307

An American style pub restaurant that also serves good pizzas and very special crepes. Young people from all over the world meet here to dine.

I Tarocchi

Via dei Renai, 12 Phone (+39) 055 2343912.

One of the most famous pizzerias. Near the Arno. For lunch you can meet a lot of students stopping here for a salad or a fast 'primo' (first course).


Via Senese, 17 - Phone (+39) 055 225877

The assassin will not kill you, unless you don't like the very special pizza baked here. L'Assassino is also a restaurant that offers also Jewish dishes. Book your table in advance, during the weekend this place is very crowded; a good sign that means the cooking is fine!

Mastro Ciliegia

P. S. PIER MAGGIORE 4/5/R | Tel. 055 2480444

Mastro Ciliegia prepares very good pizza. This place is located in the heart of the town, near the San Pierino Arch. Eating here will not cost you much, but you will taste a very good pizza in a friendly atmosphere.

Pizzeria Cinzia

V. ARGIN GROSSO 65/A | Tel. 055 780270

Good pizza, pure Calabria style. A family run pizzeria that also serves excellent fresh fish. Not in the center, but closer to Italian culture.

Runner Pizza

Tel. 055 33 33 33 | 0574 33333

Call here to get your pizza at home. Fast service. Pizzas, sandwiches, pastas, salads, desserts and soft drinks. There is usually always a deal running, like buy a pizza, get a soft drink free.

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