Siena, Italy: The Complete Visitor’s Guide to this Beautiful and Medieval Tuscan city

So you’re coming to Siena, Italy to study or to visit and naturally you have questions. StudentsVille is going to tell you everything you need to know when it comes to staying in this Tuscan city.

Below you will find not only the basic information on Siena, Italy such as hotels in Siena, Italy, a Siena, Italy map, Siena, Italy weather, etc. but you will also find the essential things to do in Siena, Italy (like the church in Siena, Italy)  and the best restaurants in Siena, Italy, plus so much more.

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siena italy travel guide


If you are looking for a car rental Siena, Italy or want to know about parking in Siena, Italy then you will find what you are looking for in our City Info section. Looking for cooking classes in Siena, Italy or want to learn about masters programs in Siena? Check out our Study page. Most importantly, if you are searching for Siena, Italy restaurants or where to go to have a great cocktail, just click below on our leisure section. We are going to make sure that you won’t have to think about much when studying or visiting here.

Welcome to Siena!