Things to do in Siena, Italy, Tuscany: Entertainment, Cinemas, Theaters and Nightclubs

Often considered a very tranquil city, don’t expect to find a crazy nightlife and instead expect fun nights drinking good wine, seeing a show at the theater, a movie in English or people watching in the famous Piazza Del Campo. StudentsVille has also incorporated things to do in Siena, Italy not only at night but for certain months throughout the year. Siena Italy at night, what to do? Enjoy our guide!

things to do in siena Italy


Fun things to do in Siena, Italy:

Siena, Italy Theater

(For a full list of what’s playing at both theaters click the link above)

Teatro dei Rinnovati - a 14th century theater with an elaborate interior holding performances (mainly opera and ballet) and cultural events.

Teatro dei Rozzi - re-opened in 1998 to the public after years of restoration, here you they show a mix of plays and musicals and hold conferences.


Cinema Siena

Check the times and buy tickets for all three main movie theaters in Siena. Check if they have Siena Cinema English by looking for V.O. (original version).


Siena Clubs and bars

As mentioned before, Siena is not known for its thriving nightlife (think night clubs until 4AM) as is Rome and Milan, but you will happily find a good time regardless.

You will find a young atmosphere in Siena as many go there to study and bars are catered to students.

Try these:

Al Cambio in Via Panteneto, 48 you will find a lively bar open until 2AM serving up cocktails and often times live rock music. The Closest thing you will come to as far as clubs go in the center of Siena.

Bar Il Palio in Piazza del Campo is perfect for a nice glass of wine and good people watching.

Bar Porrione in Via del Porrione, right near Piazza del Campo and open until 3AM. Very student oriented, equipped with good beer, good music and good games.

Casa del Boia in Piazza del Mercato was an old execution site that is now used for theme nights - known especially for their Cuban music nights.

The Tea Room - Via di Porta Giustizia near the Piazza del Mercato. This bar is easy on the eyes with its beautiful interior and warm ambience. Come here for a cocktail and live music.

Un Tubo - a club like feel in a small wine bar mainly dedicated to live jazz music.


If you are coming here after school is out, here are some things to do in Siena, Italy in June:

For the historic sites to see, visit our Siena Culture page.

Let’s be honest, June is hot. It’s not always enjoyable to walk around all day sweating, but with the help of some gelato you can cool off a bit; try Pasticceria Nannini. Relax under the awnings of a restaurant and take in the city like you should. When the night hits and the temperature cools down, grab a nice glass of wine or a cocktail at Bar Il Palio and enjoy it on their outdoor terrace.

If you are coming to Siena in the fall or plan on studying during this period, here are the things to do in Siena, Italy in September and the things you should do in Siena, Italy in October:
These months are where you will find some of the best weather in Italy. We highly suggest getting lost in this tiny city. Chances are you actually won’t get lost, but taking evening walks around the city and exploring is highly recommended. This is the best way to get to know a city in our opinion.

This is also harvest season for wine, so what better thing to do then some wine tasting? In the center you can visit Cantina in Piazza for a tasting or to purchase a bottle. If you want to visit an actual winery, check out La Lastra Wine Tasting for a tour of the vineyard, wine tasting and lunch.