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Siena, the city built on three hills, is an ancient Italian city with narrow winding streets lined with brick buildings and absolutely full of culture.

What to do in Siena Italy

Here you can visit a Siena museum, step foot in their famous Piazza del Campo, eat delicious wild boar ragu and sip on a nice Chianti or Brunello of Montalcino. The options are not necessarily endless, as this is a small city, but they are certainly of great quality and worth exploring. If you are just visiting from another city, we have incorporated what to do in Siena for one day, so look out for our top three things to do in Siena.

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Siena Museums

  • Duomo Museum Siena (or Siena Cathedral Museum) - visit this famous landmark dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta constructed in a Gothic style of the Medieval Italian era.

With Siena Museum Tickets or a Siena Museum Pass you can see all of the areas of the cathedral at a discounted price. With the pass you will have access to the cathedral, Piccolomini Library, Gate of Heaven, the Baptistry, the crypt and the museum - check out Book and learn more about the Siena Museum Pass.

  • Siena Civic Museum - You will find this museum inside the Public Palace in Piazza del Campo where all the rulers of Siena have lived. Here you will get the chance to see the famous “Allegory of Good Government” by Ambrogio Lorenzetti.
  • Pinacoteca Nazionale (Siena Art Museum) - Siena’s national gallery and home to their most famous pieces of art.
  • Basilica di San Domenico - another notable Siena cathedral monuments tuscany in which you can see the relic of the Holy Head of Saint Catherine along with her chapel tucked inside.

Top 3 Things to Do in Siena

If your time in Siena is limited, we think with these three sites and a delicious lunch with good wine will suffice.

What to do in Siena for a Day

  1. Piazza del Campo - One of the biggest medieval squares in the world, where you will find some of Siena’s most well known sites. You will also be in the main square where Siena holds Palio (horse races) that happen twice a year during the Summer.
  2. Torre del Mangia - You can’t miss this if you are standing in number 1. Climb these 400 steps to get to the top of Italy’s second largest tower to witness the best view of Siena and its surroundings.  
  3. Duomo di Siena - Look above for more information.

With these three things and a leisurely lunch, we think your day will be complete.

For those with a bit more time to spare or those living in Siena for an extended period of time, check out:

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