The Best Cooking Schools in Siena, Italy: Learn how to cook Traditional Dishes in Tuscany

Learning how to cook in Tuscany comes straight from a dream so, why not learn to cook in Tuscany?! What a wonderful experience to share with everyone when you return home. The Tuscan traditional dishes are kept alive in Siena and partly by these wonderful cooking schools. What are you waiting for? Learn to cook in Siena on your visit!

cooking school in siena italy


Cooking Schools in Siena, Italy:

Lella Cooking School - Siena, Italy

Via Fontebranda, 69

This cooking school began in 1996 and is run by Chef Lella Cesari Ciampoli. The main goal of her cooking school is to keep the tradition of the Sienese and Tuscan dishes alive and she does just so through her cooking lessons. Offering both private and group lessons, you can choose to do a single lesson or an entire course. Highly recommended to try the Typical Tuscan Menu course, Fresh Pasta and Sauce course, Pizza and Flatbread course or Desserts Typical to Siena course.  

Art & Cooking

Via Tommaso Pendola, 37

Open since 1979, this school is a part of the Dante Alighieri language school, and offers cooking courses for any level. Learn how to prepare authentic Italian meals completely hands on in this fun and welcoming atmosphere. Choose a single day class, 1-3 week course, individual or group private lessons or (what we think is the best) the Siena Magnifica course - fully immersing yourself into the Italian language, culture and cooking under the same roof for 1-2 weeks. Don’t forget to check out what cultural activities you can take part in, as well!  

Happy Cooking!