Perugia, Italy: Home to some of the Biggest Chocolate and Jazz Festivals in Europe

Perugia is one of Italy’s oldest cities, founded by the Etruscans, now because of that we don’t have a precise date of founding, but based on Latin records it is said to be founded in 309-310 BC.

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Maybe some of know Perugia for it’s chocolate, because Perugia does have one of the most important chocolate fairs in Europe, the Eurochocolate fair, and for this (and other reasons) the city is called “La Città del Cioccolato.” That in and of itself is enough reason to go there. Chocolate is so important that you cannot only find a chocolate museum in the city, but various locations named after chocolate itself, like one of the holiday apartments in Perugia Italy that you can stay in is called the Perugia Chocolate apartment — it is not made of chocolate unfortunately — but if you love chocolate, Perugia is a must see (especially in October during the festival).

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