Perugia Entertainment: Cinemas, Theater and Clubs in or Around the City Center

Perugia is often considered the “university city” as it is a popular destination for those studying abroad. If you have more time in one city, chances are you will eventually be looking for different forms of entertainment. Exactly why we have sought out cinemas Perugia, Perugia theatre and clubs in Perugia to give you more options on what to do with your free time. Keep in mind that you will not find Perugia night clubs in abundance, as it is more of a bar/pub atmosphere. For a list of more bars in Perugia, visit our Perugia Bars and Wine page.


Cinemas Perugia:

Cinema Zenith

Via Benedetto Bonfigli, 11

This 1 room Perugia movie theatre is your best chance at seeing a movie in its original sound (Perugia cinema in English).

Post Modernissimo

Via del Carmine, 4

Showing all of the new box office hits, here you can sometimes find a movie in English. Always remember to look for V.O. next to the movie time. V.O. standing for Original Version.

Perugia Theatre:

Teatro Morlacchi

Piazza Morlacchi, 13

Opened August 15th, 1781 and renovated a number of times. This theatre sits 1200 people and in 1874 changed its name to Theatre Morlacchi after Francesco Morlacchi, an internationally famous musician and philosopher. You can buy your tickets online for any one of their events, including plays, musicals and dance shows.

Perugia Bars and Clubs:

La Bottega del Vino

Via del Sole, 1

Mondays 7PM-12AM Tues-Sat 12PM-3PM & 7PM-12AM  Closed Sundays.

Covering all regions of Italy with their wine menu, you can come here and enjoy your wine with live jazz music every Wednesday @ 10PM. Often considered one of the Perugia jazz clubs.

Caffè Morlacchi

Piazza Francesco Morlacchi, 6

Sunday 10AM-12AM Mon-Wed 7:30AM-12AM Thurs & Fri 7:30AM - 2AM Closes Saturdays.

Coffee bar by day, cocktail bar by night equipped with DJ. Here you will find a mix of tourists, locals, students and professors as the university is just across the way.

Cantiere Club

Via Guido Rossa, 9

Thurs & Sat 9PM-12AM

At this club you will find special nights mixed with eclectic music, dinner theatre, dancing and great cocktails.

Velvet Fashion Café Disco

Viale Roma, 20

Fri-Sun 10:30PM-4:30AM

Dress up and dance the night away with their themed nights at one of the clubs in Perugia, Italy.


And for those of you really looking to switch things up, you can visit one of the golf clubs, Perugia has to offer. The Golf Club Perugia is a chance to get away from the city center, take in some fresh air and play a round of golf with your friends and is just under 4 miles from the city center.