Perugia Events: the complete city events calendar

Perugia, known as the "City of Chocolate" for the historic presence of La Perugina and many other companies specializing in the production of confectionery products, is rich in historical and artistic monuments of the highest value. So there is always something beautiful to see and StudentsVille Staff selected all the best Perugia events.

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What's happening in Perugia

This page is a calendar of all Perugia Italy upcoming events: art exhibitions, festivals and much more. You will always be kept up to date with the last 2020 Perugia events.

  • Thanks to Mibact’s initiative “Io vado al Museo” Perugia State museums open free on first Sunday of month
  • Perugia has a very intense city life, day and night. Fontana Maggiore, built between 1275 and 1278 and designed by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano, is the beating heart of the city. So enjoy our list of Perugia today events and more.

Festivals, Commemorations

  • Perugia celebrates San Costanzo, last Monday in January

Last Monday in January: Perugia celebrates its patron saint, San Costanzo, with an event full of charm.The procession of the lights of San Costanzo, a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages and restored fifteen years ago

  • Carnival of San Sisto or Carnival of Perugia, February - March 

The districts of San Sisto create wonderful papier-mâché floats that represent cartoon characters, fairytale characters, political characters, current affairs characters, news items and much more! The districts that organize the Carnival of San Sisto are: Rione Viale San Sisto, Rione La Torre, Rione 'L Toppo, Rione Perugiadue, Rione 'L Cedro, Riono Borgonovo.

  • Palio Perugia 1416

Palio Perugia 1416, a commemorative event celebrating the triumphal entry of Braccio Fortebracci from Montone to Perugia. The competitions in which the districts compete: the shooting of the javelin, the move to the tower, the historical procession and the race of the drape. It takes place in June. You can read more about it: here.