Restaurants in Perugia, Italy: Top 10 Places to Eat for all Appetites and Budgets

Restaurants in Perugia, Italy have one thing in common; they thrive off of the simplicity and deliciousness of the Umbrian cuisine as well as using locally sourced and fresh ingredients. There are so many good restaurants in Perugia, Italy to choose from, but when it comes down to it, there are 10 places that really stick out so we wanted to make you a list of the top 10 restaurants in Perugia. We have included most restaurants in central Perugia but also some restaurants near Perugia that will be well worth the trip (think, Michelin star restaurants in Perugia or just nearby!).

restaurants in perugia italy

10 Best Restaurants in Perugia:


  • Via Ritorta - just steps away from the Fontana Maggiore
  • Wed-Mon 12:30-2:30PM 7:30PM-10:30PM  Closed Tuesdays.

Set in a small alleyway (not the scary kind) with seating outside for the nice evenings. With fresh salads, meats and pastas made with your typical Umbrian ingredients. If you are in a group, they have great set menus at excellent prices.

Civico 25

  • Via della Viola, 25
  • Mon-Sat 7:30PM-12AM Closed Sundays.

Check out this gastro pub/wine bar for good apps and good pastas or perhaps just a glass (or bottle) of wine!

Osteria a Priori

  • Via dei Priori, 39
  • Mon-Sat 12:30-2:30PM 7:30-10PM Closed Sundays.

Here you will find both a store and a restaurant spanning two floors. Buy a great bottle of wine, olive oil or beer, or eat in the restaurant for great Umbrian style food. One of the great restaurants in Perugia!

Ristorante del Sole

  • Via della Rupe, 1
  • Tues-Sun 12:30-3PM 7:30-10:30PM Closed Mondays.

Another one of the restaurants in Perugia old town (the main center). You can take a cable car from the bottom to this hilltop town/restaurant. Enjoy the panoramic view of Perugia and its surroundings all while dining on a delicious seafood dish and one of their 200 wines.

La Taverna

  • Via Streghe, 8
  • Tues-Sun 12:30-2:30PM 7:30-10:30PM Closed Mondays.

Open since 1980, this is said by locals to be one of the best restaurants in Perugia. A traditional menu with a modern twist that follows the season for the best ingredients. Enjoy dinner inside or outside on their terrace and don’t forget to indulge in one of their homemade desserts!

Da Cesarino

  • Piazza IV Novembre
  • Thurs-Tues 12:30-3PM 7:30-11PM Closed Wednesdays.

One of the oldest restaurants in Perugia, Umbria region. Here you will enjoy the traditional experience. Classic, simple and delicious.

Antica Trattoria San Lorenzo

  • Piazza Danti 19/b
  • Mon-Sat 12-3PM 7-11PM Closed Sundays.

One of the Michelin restaurants in Perugia where you will experience fine dining with masterfully plated dishes of both meat and seafood.

La Stella

  • Via dei Narcisi, 47
  • Sun 12:30-2:30PM Mon-Sat 8PM-12AM Closed Tuesdays.

One of the restaurants in Perugia, Italy that is a local favorite! Serves as a restaurant, winery/cantina and small hotel. Explore their delicious food and their many labels (over 400!) of wine.

Il Caldaro

  • Str. La Bruna, 32

One of the other restaurants Perugia Michelin rated and just 25 mins outside of the Perugia city center. Cozy up in this old farmhouse, turned restaurant. Here you will enjoy your dinner by a warm fireplace (of course, only in Winter). Taste starters that include beef tartare and pecorino soufflé, homemade pastas, meat courses and amazing desserts. Don’t get all the way there without a reservation!!

Al Mangiar Bene

  • Via della Luna, 21
  • Monday 7:30-10:30PM Tues-Sat 12:30-2:45PM 7:30-10:45 PM Closed Sundays.

One of the restaurants Perugia center where you will eat well at a good price. Every morning they make their own fresh bread and every night (only for dinner) they make pizzas in the same wood burning oven. Yum! Besides the pizza, you can choose your favorite pasta with your choice of sauce, meat dishes (pork, steak, veal) and also good options for vegetarians! Swallow it all down with one of their bio craft beers!

Il Moderno - Restaurant Perugia centre - Slow

  • Via del Carmine, 1
  • Monday: closed; Tuesday-Sunday: 19:30 - 23:00

In the centre of Perugia, you will find Il Moderno Restaurant: a slow restaurant, a warm and cosy atmosphere, a fusion of French and Italian tradition, dishes cooked using organic raw materials, local products or fair trade. Il Moderno is not just about food, however: it is a place to nourish body and mind. You can have tea, read a book or buy items created by artisans.
Harmony between creativity and tradition.

La Locanda Paradiso

  • Str. Traversa, 3
  • Wed-Sun 7:30-11:30PM Lunch Buffet Mon-Sat 12:30-2:30PM

We know, we know, this makes 11. However, we felt we needed to add it, only if you ever find yourself near the airport as this is one of the restaurants near Perugia airport that is absolutely worth trying. Maybe you’ll have time before a flight or you’ll be hungry after you land. You will feel right at home at this restaurant/hotel eating things that feel like they came straight out of your Italian grandmother’s kitchen.