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Want to verify if your hostel is really near the train station? Need to quickly check if your apartment is next to the Uffizi Museum or if it's closer to the Stadium? Curious about the distance between your hotel and Michelangelo's David or the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge)? The answers to all these questions are in the StudentsVille map! The STV map divides the city into 8 main zones marked by 8 different colors (see the legend below).
With our map you can easily locate your apartment, hotel, Bed and Breakfast or hostel and find out which district it's in... and get to know in advance the neighborhood where you are going to live for a few days or - who knows - a few years...

If you are interested at a little bit of history of Florence, here some interesting articles:

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Cascine Nord Stazione Nord Fortezza San Gallo - Piazza della Libertà Masaccio - Mille
Cascine Stazione SMN San Lorenzo - Indipendenza San Marco - SS.Annunziata Donatello
Vittoria San Frediano - Borgognissanti Duomo - SM Novella - S.Lorenzo Bargello - Borgo Pinti S.Ambrogio - D'Azeglio
Bellosguardo S.Spirito Pal.Pitti - Ponte Vecchio - Uffizi S.Croce - S.Niccolò Piazza Piave
Bellosguardo - S.Francesco Porta Romana Forte Belvedere San Miniato - Michelangelo Rampe Ferrucci - Michelangelo Viale

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Are you desperately looking for a particular street, square or boulevard, and nobody can't help you? No problem! StudentsVille - as usual - will help you to solve your most pressing problems! Here you are the best on-line MAPS of Florence and Italy:

Maporama Maps
On Maporama.com you'll find very useful maps of Florence (and of the rest of the world) that you can zoom in and zoom out very easily..
Florence Municipality Map. In the box write only the name of the street (or square, or boulevard...) without the word 'Via', 'Piazza', 'Viale'.. Excellent service!
Florence Bus Map. Click on the Florence district you want to reach. A more detailed map of the area will appear together with the bus number taking you there. Other information about the Florence bus service on the excellent ATAF official website.
Florence Map by Mega. monuments, shopping, services map of the city. Interesting the 'monuments map', especially for the good quality of the photos inside.
Florence Town Walls. A map of Medieval Florence. Very interesting. Don't miss the excellent 'Photo Gallery" and 'History' sections.
Virgilio Mappe. The on-line maps of all the main Italian cities...
In Florence, Rome, Venice, Milan you can search a street, a square or a boulevard even specifying the number...(i.e. Via Baracca 44) so you can find the exact place on the map...WOW...
IOL Mappe. Another website where you can find every street of every italian city...Eccellent service!
Kataweb City Maps. Very easy to use, all the main Italian and International cities are selected here...Good service!

Santa Maria Novella

by Marco De La Pierre
This is the neighborhood of the central railway station, the congressional palace, and the main international expositions and fairs...

San Lorenzo

by Marco De La Pierre
San Lorenzo, for the Florentines is synonymous with 'market'. The biggest open market of the city is, in fact, located here. In the colourful and noisy San Lorenzo market it's possible to find a wide choice of leather jacket and bags, jeans, t-shirts, shoes…everything of reasonably good quality and at reasonable prices.

San Gallo - San Marco

by Marco De La Pierre
This is the university district, where the seats of all of the most prestigious faculties of the city's university: political science, law, fine art, literature, and where all of the university facilities, student residences and student cafeterias are located.

SS. Annunziata

by Marco De La Pierre
At the heart of this district lies the magnificent Piazza Santissima Annunziata, a beautiful space dominated by the presence of the elegant SS.Annunziata Church. This church originally stood outside the second circle of city walls. Between 1444 and 1481 Michelozzo, Pagno Portinari and Antonio Manetti (with suggestions from the architect Alberti) remodelled it into its present form.


by Marco De La Pierre
Sant'Ambrogio is definitely one of the most liveable neighborhoods in the city. From this district it's only a ten-minute walk to all the major monuments, squares and museums of the city. And yet, due to its location just outside of the most heavily-touristed areas - it hasn't been overrun by mass tourism.

San Giovanni

by Marco De La Pierre
The Duomo, Baptistery and Giotto bell tower district. The Cathedral or Duomo of Florence as we can admire it today is the end result of years of work that spanned over six centuries of history. Its basic architectural design was conceived by Arnolfo di Cambio at the end of the 13th century; the cupola that has made it a symbol for the whole city was created by that genius of the Renaissance, Filippo Brunelleschi.

Santa Croce

by Marco De La Pierre
Piazza Santa Croce is an excellent example of a quintessential 'Renaissance square', where perfect and impressive architectural geometry has been designed around the life of the community and its citizens. Here man is not dominated by the church and architecture but is, rather, at the center of the scene.

Santo Spirito - San Frediano

by Marco De La Pierre
This is definitely the most typical and 'genuine' district of the city.

Here the masses of tourists only pass through and its streets are characterized by the presence of many handicraft workshops, art and jewellery schools, typical restaurants, traditional shops, street markets, ancient churches and old buildings where it's still possible today to discover the rhythms and colours of a 'quotidian' and noisy Florence.

San Niccolò

by Marco De La Pierre
San Niccolò is one of the most authentic and attractive neighborhoods in the city. It's located in the Oltrarno zone (other side of the Arno River), at the foot of the beautiful hills that house Piazzale Michelangelo and Forte Belvedere, far from the overcrowded tourist-beaten tracks.
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