Learn the Italian Language at these Language Schools in Bologna

There are three options. You are coming here primarily to learn Italian in Italy, you are studying abroad and want to take Italian lessons during your free time or you are traveling and want to experience some true Italian culture during your trip. Studying Italian in Italy will unlock an entire world to be explored and will make your time in Italy that much more enjoyable.

There are many great language schools in Bologna, as it is one of the most visited Italian cities, especially by students. In fact, Bologna is home to some of the best Italian language schools in Italy.

language schools in bologna

Not only can you successfully learn Italian and experience the Italian culture through these courses, but you can immerse yourself in what this wonderful city can show you. Bologna is full of must-see attractions, mouth-watering cuisine, a buzzing nightlife and is close enough to other Italian cities for great day trips.

These schools, that you’ll find below, offer everything from intensive Italian language courses in Italy to Italian language Summer school. Because learning another language is such a life-changing thing that you can do for yourself, you should consider these schools in Bologna for your next adventure.

Language Schools of Bologna

Academya Lingue 

Via Santo Stefano 14, 40125 Bologna

Ph: (+39) 051 4596098 - (+39) 333 7251888

Email: info@academyalingue.com

Courses and pricing 

Located in an ancient palace from 1775, here you will learn not only the language but the culture, history and lifestyle in this language school & cultural center. Academya Lingue prides themself in being a full accepting school that doesn’t discriminate against anyone wanting to learn Italian. In the heart of Bologna, in Piazza Santo Stefano, you will find Italian language courses and extracurricular activities. For example, the offer such activities as a city orientation tour, tours of the sites, cooking classes, aperitivi, visits to local companies and day trips to nearby cities such as Florence and Parma. All new and exciting ways in which to use the language. Visit their site or contact them for further information.

ARCA Italian Language School  

Vicolo Posterla 15, 40125 Bologna

Ph: +39 051 227 523

Email: info@arca-bologna.com

Courses and pricing

Established in 1998, partnered up with Modern English Center, the ARCA Italian Language School aims to create an open atmosphere. One that encourages the coming together of different cultures all while learning about the Italian one. ARCA has both short term (20 hrs) and long term (12-48 weeks) courses that are taught through the communicative teaching method. Each class is intimate to secure you learn at an optimal level and are all taught with relevant materials, through all different mediums.