Genoa School Italy: the complete guide about University, Masters and Colleges

Studying abroad and living in a different city can be quite the challenge, but it’s certainly easier to find a Genoa school in Italy, when they are of high quality and offer a wide range of programs to choose from. Genoa is home to not only great universities for your general BA, but they have well known language schools as well as international schools for younger ages.

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University of Genoa

If you are an international student, the University of Genoa, Italy teaches their 130 degree courses, in mainly English. The University of Genoa offers degree courses in anything from economics and engineering to law and foreign language. If you are looking to obtain your masters, you can do so through the University of Genoa masters programs that they offer.

Genoa school Italy

They are proudly getting increasingly more competitive both nationally and internationally and take pride in offering possible work opportunities for jobs after graduation. Being one of Italy’s biggest universities, it has spread to surrounding cities allowing the chance for some traveling. For more in depth information visit the University of Genoa site.  

Deledda International School Genova

Offering education from ages ten to eighteen, the Deledda International School Genova, GE is a perfect option for families living abroad or children of the area to experience this unique type of learning. The Deledda International School is an IBO authorized school and is one of 3,521 schools in 144 different countries providing an education taught through intercultural understanding. In total, there are three levels: the Deledda International School Elementary, middle years program and high school. The Deledda International School Genova costo (cost) depends on which grade you are in. For those applying to the elementary school, it is €5,950 and for those in middle and high school, the price is €6968 per year. To eliminate paperwork, enhance curriculum planning and establish a solid form of communication between the school and parents, they supply the Deledda International School ManageBac; a portal for students and families to sign into to gather information. For more information visit the Deledda International School Website or the Deledda International School facebook.

Italian Language School Genoa

Lastly, if you are looking to study at an Italian language school Genoa, there are three that stick out among the rest. A Door to Italy, the oldest established language school in Genoa, offering not only Italian courses but cultural courses, as well.  Scuola Tricolore, teaches Italian in the form of education plus entertainment, creating a fun learning atmosphere. Lastly, Ama Le Lingue, which gives primarily Italian courses among other foreign languages, for all levels and ages.