Cooking Classes in Genoa, Italy: How to Make Pasta, Pesto, Ligurian Dishes

So, you want to impress your friends and family when you return home? What better way to do that then to learn to cook in Italy. Italy is known for its delicious food and if you have some time to spare, we highly suggest cooking classes in Genoa, Italy.

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You not only learn something new, but you learn about the region of Liguria that your Genoa cooking class is taking place classes in genoa Italy

There are many variations of cooking classes in Genoa, Italy that you can choose from. Look below to see which cooking school Italy in Genoa that we have found for you:


A small Kitchen in Genoa

  • A Small Kitchen in Genoa - offering not only cooking courses, but tours of the city and the region, here you can try their pesto cooking class or their pesto and pasta cooking class. Creating one of the most famous dishes of the region.


  • ZenAndCook - teaching you everything from basic techniques for the kitchen, traditional foods from the region of Liguria and cooking classes from around the world, including Moroccan, Persian and Japanese.

Chef per caso

  • Chef Per Caso - the first cooking school in Genoa, offers complete courses consisting of 7 lessons learning all areas of the kitchen. Try also their pastry course!

Sale & Dede

  • Sale&Dede - They do it all at this cooking school. Take one of their cooking classes or get a personal chef at home for the evening!

You’re learning so much while you are here, why not add cooking to the list? We are sure your stomach won’t mind.