About Centro Machiavelli, a unique Italian language school


Machiavelli – much more than an Italian language school!

Art and art history, opera and Italian cuisine. Photography, mosaics, and leather crafting. And, naturally, Italian language classes. Florence, “Cradle of the Renaissance” and home to the Centro Machiavelli Italian language school, is undoubtedly the best place to learn Italian and experience the magnificence of the Italian and Tuscan heritage.

Centro Machiavelli is a significant example of how an Italian language school can evolve and develop, flourishing into an extraordinary, manifold learning hub devoted to offering foreign students an insider’s view of all that makes Italy one of the most exceptional and coveted countries in the world.
Established by a group of skilled devoted teachers back in 1978, Centro Machiavelli has been welcoming students from all over the world for over 40 years and helping them grow into happy, successful, accomplished individuals. Its superbly crafted Italian language classes, in Florence moreover, unrivaled cultural opportunities and tireless fostering of each single student’s aspirations are what make it unique in the Italian language school landscape.

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The team behind the structure

Managed with unwavering dedication by a team of highly qualified and profoundly committed professionals, the Centro Machiavelli Italian language school aims to provide attendees with a polychrome Italian cultural experience by offering a selection of diverse Italian language study programs, alongside a range of culture-focused classes and courses. The Italian language courses available are varied and diversified, to meet the requirements of a great number of students. As an Italian language school, Centro Machiavelli offers group courses in 9 different levels, from beginner to advanced, as well as private classes, for up to 2 people, and even classes focused on the Italian language for business. Group classes host up to 10 students at once, guaranteeing health and safety as well as one-to-one attention and enjoyable interactive moments, and are divided into intensive, semi-intensive and super-intensive. See the courses in detail here


The importance of being in Florence

Magnificently, and strategically, located in one of the most evocative areas of Florence, surrounded by the fascinating vestiges of the Renaissance and walking distance from shops and sights, Centro Machiavelli offers what most Italian language classes in Florence cannot: a relaxed, cheerful ambiance, an engaging, extremely efficient, teaching method and a variety of other courses focused on Italian art, history and traditional crafts.

The techniques applied in the Centro Machiavelli Italian language school classrooms are based on the communicative approach, a method that allows students to “get inside the language”, and enjoy a gratifying learning journey throughout. In-class simulations and innovative teaching materials allow attendees to start mastering the art of reading, writing, listening and speaking Italian from the very start.

The structure and content of all courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (C.E.F.R.). Compliance with the CEFR guidelines highlights some of the school’s most influential long-term goals and philosophy: fostering linguistic and cultural diversity, supporting multilingual education, and intercultural communication and instruction, and encouraging social inclusion and democracy.

A vast collection of world-class credentials, comprising participation in EC-funded education and training projects, ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, the 10+ year association with TANDEM® International, showcase the outstanding educational prowess of Centro Machiavelli.

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