Centro Machiavelli: art courses in Florence, Italian cooking classes and much more!


Italian cooking classes and art courses in one place

Painting, wood inlay, gilding. And then again mosaics, art history, opera singing and Italian cooking classes. Italy’s kaleidoscopic culture, fascinating craftsmanship, extraordinary artistic legacy, and luscious cuisine have been luring connoisseurs, art devotees and globetrotters ever since the 17th century Grand Tour. Tuscany, specifically, has forever beckoned to those on a quest for beauty, artistic mastery and general exquisiteness: art courses in Florence, Italy, have kept many a well-to-do traveler captive, and longing for more!

art courses in florence italy

Florence, a veritable treasure chest of world-class art and mesmerizing architecture, is no doubt the ideal location to immerse oneself in Italian culture and art while learning the Italian language. And all the more so because it houses a pioneering Italian language and culture school, Centro Machiavelli.

Centro Machiavelli: a contemporary learning hub

Founded over 40 years ago by a group of passionate teachers, Centro Machiavelli has been flourishing ever since thanks to a leading-edge approach. Enlightened vision, and a devotion to spreading Italian culture, are what make this school a unique example of a contemporary learning hub. This is because, in addition to providing foreign students with a vast range of Italian language courses planned in full compliance with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), Centro Machiavelli offers an amazing selection of incredibly diverse culture-related activities, classes, and internships.

The opportunities the school provides – including Italian cooking classes, courses focused on traditional crafts and music, art courses in Florence, Italy – are not only multifarious and engaging. They are able to mold many students’ learning experiences, and lives, into something extraordinary thanks to a cutting-edge study program called EXPERIT.

Centro Machiavelli’s EXPERIT study program

Can one learn and practice a foreign language whilst pursuing one’s professional dreams, learning a trade, or polishing a talent or skill? Yes, provided one enrolls in Centro Machiavelli’s EXPERIT study program! 

Created with the aim of providing lovers of Italy and Italian worldwide with a chance to discover the local heritage in full, the EXPERIT program teams the study of the Italian language, with a locally-sourced internship, enabling students to master Italian, enjoy an unrivaled cultural experience, and learn a trade all in one go.

Specifically, the program includes a 12-week Italian language course at the school, followed by a 12-week practical internship in a local Tuscan company. It’s a postcard-perfect, and potentially life-changing, opportunity to partake in the Italian lifestyle, practice the language daily and enjoy a rewarding work experience that may well lead to a profession.

Many students, naturally, choose to focus on Italian cooking classes and art courses in Florence, Italy, but there are countless internships options. From jewelry design, mosaics, restoration, ceramics to fashion, shoe making, sewing, and multimedia services… there’s no end to what one can learn to do, all depends on the student’s peculiar interests, goals, and talents!

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Those who have a distinctive skill, or a trade they would like to learn, are especially welcome: the Centro Machiavelli staff leaves no stone unturned to meet each and every student’s needs, wishes and desires. Case in point, many students who contacted the school looking for their dream internship found themselves on a flight to Florence, with a job on hold, in the bat of an eye!

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Cooking classes

Among the many options that Centro Machiavelli offers, the Italian cooking classes, and cuisine-related are some of the most sought-after. Hundreds of students travel to Florence yearly to attend the group courses or one-to-one Italian cooking classes, and many enroll in the EXPERIT program and enjoy a memorable and highly instructive experience working in a restaurant, trattoria, or enoteca

Designed to provide a comprehensive insider’s view of the most typical and delicious Italian specialties, Centro Machiavelli’s Italian cooking classes are taught by highly qualified professionals and comprise classes dedicated to a variety of different topics, from handmade pasta to pizza, from Tuscan cuisine to meat and fish, ice-cream, pizza, and sweets.

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Art courses

Committed to enhancing the lives of foreign students by providing authentic insight into Italian heritage, traditions, and lifestyle, alongside schooling related to the Italian language, Centro Machiavelli also offers a wide selection of art courses. In Florence, Italy, everything one sees and does is related to architecture and art, so it comes as no surprise! 

What is surprising, however, is the extensive and far-reaching range of opportunities, and where the single classes are held. In keeping with the rich tradition of local craftsmanship, Centro Machiavelli’s crafts and art courses in Florence Italy are held in the city’s workshops and ateliers, including painters’ and sculptors’ studios, artisans’ shops, restoration labs, and so on. Hence, Centro Machiavelli students can appreciate the same kind of training and involvement the masters of the Renaissance did, when learning their trade “a bottega”, i.e. “in the workshop”.


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